How to Make Discord Emotes

How to Make Discord Emotes

Discord’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, making it one of the most widely used online chatrooms. The capacity to make one’s own emotes and utilize them to convey one’s feelings and thoughts distinctively is likely a contributing factor to their widespread acceptance. Making your own emotes on the Discord network is a great way to express yourself and set your server apart. Go over every step of making your Discord emotes, from deciding on a visual style to deploying them on your server.

Choosing Your Emote Design

Selecting a template is the first step in making unique emotes for use in Discord. This can bе an exciting and imaginative venture, but there are a few things to remember:

  1. Consider the context: Consider the type of server you’re in and the messages you want tо convey with your emote. If you’re in a gaming server, you might want to create emotes related to your favorite game or characters. If you’re in a community server, you might want to create emotes that represent the values or interests of the community.
  2. Keep it simple: Emotes are often viewed at a small size, so create designs that are easily recognizable and read at a glance. Stick to simple shapes and bold colors to make your emotes stand out.
  3. Use appropriate images: If you’re using images оr characters from a game or TV show, ensure you can use them before creating your emote. Using copyrighted images without permission can lead to legal trouble and could result in your emote being taken down.
  4. Tools for creating emotes: There are several tools that you can use to create your emote design, including Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or even online tools like Canva or Pixlr.
  5. Test your design: Test it at different sizes to ensure it’s easily recognizable and readable. You can also get feedback from others on your server to see if they can understand what your emote is meant to represent.

Creating Your Emote

Here are step-by-step instructions for creating a custom Discord emote using Adobe Photoshop:

  1. Open Photoshop and create a new document: Go to File > New and set the size of your canvas to 128 x 128 pixels. This is the recommended size for Discord emotes.
  2. Choose your design: Use the tools in Photoshop to create your emote design. This can include shapes, text, or images. 
  3. Make sure your design is оn a transparent background: Select the Magic Wand tool from the toolbar and click on the background of your design to select it. Press Delete to remove the background.
  4. Resize your design: Use the Transform tool (CTRL+T on Windows, Command+T on Mac) to resize your design to fit within the 128 x 128-pixel canvas.
  5. Export your design: Go to File > Export > Export As and choose PNG as your file format. Make sure the file name ends in “.png.
  6. Save your design to your computer: Choose a location to save your emote and click Export.

Sizing and Formatting Your Emote for Discord

Ensure it is the right size and format for the service. Below are Discord’s specifications for emote dimensions and layout:

  1. Sizing: Discord should be no larger than 128 x 128 pixels and no more than 256KB. This ensures that they load quickly and do not take up too much space on the server.
  2. File Format: Emotes should be saved in PNG format. This format supports transparency, essential for creating emotes with transparent backgrounds.
  3. Naming Convention: Emotes should be named using lowercase letters and underscores (e.g., my_emote.png). This naming convention helps tо ensure that the emote is recognized by Discord and can be used by server members.
  4. Uploading: Emotes can be uploaded to Discord by going to the server settings and clicking on the “Emoji” tab. Click “Upload Emoji” and select your emote file to upload it to the server.

If you improperly use аn emote on Discord, it could be deleted from the server.

Uploading Your Emote to Discord

Here’s how tо upload your emote to Discord:

  1. Go to your Discord server settings: Click on the server name at the top of the server list to open the server settings menu.
  2. Click on the “Emoji” tab: This will bring up a list of all the available emotes on your server.
  3. Click on “Upload Emoji“: This button is at the top of the tab.
  4. Select your emote file: Navigate to the location where you saved your emote file, select it, and click “Open.”
  5. Choose a name for your emote: Discord will automatically suggest a name based on the file name, but you can change it tо something more descriptive.
  6. Click “Upload“: Discord will process and add you emote to the server’s emote library.
  7. Use your new emote: Your emote is now available in your server’s chat channels. Type the emote name (including the colon at the beginning and end) into the chat box.


Developing and uploading custom emotes to Discord is a fun and creative approach to personalize your server and enhance the user experience for yourself and your server members. Create and share personalized emotes that reflect your server’s distinct personality and mood. 

So why not try it and see how much fun you can have with personalized Discord emotes?

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