Does Discord Have Read Receipts

Does Discord Have Read Receipts

Thousands of people all across the world use Discord as their go-to tool for instant messaging and voice chat. Despite Discord’s widespread popularity and its many useful features (such as screen sharing and voice channels), one common question among its users is whether or not it supports read receipts. 

Several instant messaging programs have a function called “read receipts” that notifies you when your message has been opened. Discuss if and how read receipts work in Discord, the significance of these features in other messaging apps, and whether or not Discord currently supports them.

The Basics of Discord

 Here are some key things to know about the basics of Discord:

  • Definition of Discord: Discord is a chat app that allows users to communicate through text, voice, and video. Gamers often use it to coordinate during multiplayer games, but it can be used for communication.
  • How it works: Discord is a web-based app that can also be downloaded as a desktop or mobile app. Users can create or join “servers,” essentially chat rooms where they can talk to others interested in the same topics. Users can create and join channels within servers, which are subgroups where people can discuss specific topics. Discord also has a friends list, so you can connect with people you know and message them directly.
  • User roles: Within Discord servers, users can be assigned roles that give them certain permissions оr access to specific channels. A server admin might have access to all channels, while a regular user might only have access to a few.
  • Customization: Discord allows a lot of customization for individual users and servers. Users can customize their profiles with avatars and bios, and servers can be customized with different themes, emojis, and bots.
  • Bots: Discord has a robust API, which allows for the creation of bots. Bots can be used for various purposes, such as moderating servers, playing music, or providing helpful information.

Discord’s Message Status

When you send a message on Discord, you’ll see a status icon next to it that indicates whether the message has been sent, delivered, or read. Here’s what each status icon means:

  • Sent: When you send a message on Discord, it will first show a single gray check mark. This means the message has been sent from your device to the Discord servers.
  • Delivered: When the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient’s device, the gray check mark will turn into a double gray check mark. This means that the message has been delivered to the recipient’s device, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve seen it yet.
  • Read: If the recipient has read the message, the double gray check mark will turn into double blue check marks. This means that the recipient has read the message.

Discord’s Notification System

Discord has a robust notification system that allows you to customize when and how you receive notifications. Here are some key things to know about Discord’s notification system:

  • Notification settings: You can customize your notification settings on a per-server and per-channel basis. You can receive notifications for certain servers or channels but not others.
  • Notification types: Discord offers notifications, including mentions, direct messages, and server-wide announcements. You can choose which types of notifications you want tо receive.
  • Notification sounds: You can choose from various notification sounds or upload your custom sound. You can also choose to disable notification sounds altogether.
  • Notification badges: Discord uses badges to indicate when there are new messages or notifications. The badge will appear on the server оr channel icon to indicate unread messages or notifications.
  • Mobile notifications: If you have the Discord app on your mobile device, you can also receive push notifications when you’re not actively using the app. You can customize the types of push notifications you receive and the sound they make.

Does Discord Have Read Receipts?

There are a few ways to tell if someone has seen your message on Discord:

  • Typing indicators: When someone starts typing a message in response tо yours, you’ll see a typing indicator appear next to their username. This means that they’ve seen your message and are in the process of responding.
  • Presence indicators: Discord also shows you when someone is online or active. If someone is online or active and hasn’t responded to your message, it’s possible they’ve seen it but is busy or don’t have time to respond.
  • Reaction emojis: If someone has seen your message but doesn’t want to respond, they can react with аn emoji. While this doesn’t tell you exactly what they’re thinking, it does indicate that they’ve seen your message and have some kind of reaction to it.

The Importance of Read Receipts

Read receipts can be a useful feature in messaging apps, and here are some reasons why:

  • Confirmation of receipt: Read receipts can confirm that the recipient has received the message. This is especially useful in business settings where a message has been received and read.
  • Improved communication: When you know someone has read your message, you can follow up оr ask for clarification more confidently. This can help to improve communication and reduce misunderstandings.
  • Reduced anxiety: If you’re waiting for a response to an important message, reading receipts can reduce anxiety by letting you know that the recipient has seen your message. This can be especially helpful in personal оr emotional situations.
  • Respect for time: If someone has read your message but hasn’t responded, it can be helpful to know that they’ve at least seen it. This shows respect for their time and can help avoid misunderstandings or hurt feelings.


Although Discord does not include a standard read receipt function, other indicators can help you gauge whether or not your message was seen. Not everyone wants to utilize read receipts in messaging applications, and respecting someone’s preferences, and boundaries are always polite. Respect for others’ time and space is essential in any messaging app, as is clear and concise communication.

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