Why Can’t I Change My Birthday on Snapchat

Why Can't I Change My Birthday on Snapchat

We can no longer imagine our social lives without the help of various social networking sites. Apps like Snapchat facilitate communication and the exchange of first-hand accounts of daily life.

On a user’s birthday, they may receive many messages from friends and followers wishing them a happy day. But what if you make a mistake and input the wrong birthday into Snapchat and can’t alter it? 

Discover Snapchat’s rules on editing birthdays and the repercussions of providing false information. Learn why it’s so important to follow Snapchat’s TOS, how to avoid having your birthday become a problem, and how to avoid having your real-world birthday become a problem on Snapchat.

Why can’t I change my birthday on Snapchat?

  • Snapchat’s policy on changing birthdays: Snapchat has a policy that prohibits users from changing their date of birth once it’s been entered during sign-up. This policy is in place to prevent users from misrepresenting their age on the platform.
  • Possible reasons for Snapchat’s policy: One reason for this policy is to comply with regulations prohibiting minors from using certain app features. Snapchat’s age verification process ensures that users are at least 13 years old. Changing the birthdate could circumvent this process. Snapchat may use the user’s birthdate for other purposes, such as targeted advertising, and changing it could affect the platform’s ability to provide personalized ads.
  • Limitations of Snapchat’s age verification process: While Snapchat’s age verification process is meant to prevent minors from accessing inappropriate content, it’s not foolproof. The process relies on self-reported information, meaning users can enter a false birthdate and gain access to features meant for older users.

If users know the rationale behind Snapchat’s policy on updating birthdays, they will be better equipped to make well-informed judgments when providing such information. 

The consequences of entering the wrong birthday

  • Impact on the user’s experience on Snapchat: Entering the wrong birthday on Snapchat can significantly impact a user’s experience on the platform. If a user enters a birthdate that makes them appear younger than they are, they may be locked out of certain features or receive content that’s not age-appropriate. Conversely, if users enter a birthdate that makes them appear older, they may receive content that’s irrelevant to them.
  • Legal implications of providing false information: Providing false information on a social media platform can have legal implications. Users who enter a birthdate that’s not their own may violate Snapchat’s terms of service. This could result in their account being suspended or terminated. Providing false information could have other legal implications, such as fraud or identity theft.

Users can make informed decisions when providing their personal information by understanding the consequences of entering the wrong birthday on Snapchat. 

Tips for avoiding issues with a birthday on Snapchat

  • Ensuring the accuracy of the birthday provided at sign-up: To avoid issues with their birthday on Snapchat, users should ensure that the birthdate they provide during sign-up is accurate. This will prevent them from being locked out of certain features or receiving content that’s not age-appropriate.
  • What to do if the birthday was entered incorrectly: If a user accidentally entered the wrong birthdate during sign-up, they can contact Snapchat’s support team to request a change. Snapchat’s policy only allows one birthday change per account, so users should double-check their birthdate’s accuracy before making a request.
  • Importance of adhering to Snapchat’s terms of service: Snapchat’s terms of service outline the platform’s policies and guidelines for using the app. By adhering to these terms, users can avoid violating the platform’s rules and potentially having their account suspended or terminated.

Users can avoid issues with their birthdays on Snapchat and have a more enjoyable experience on the platform. Social media platforms have rules and guidelines that users must follow, and by doing so, users can ensure that their accounts remain in good standing.


For everyone’s safety, Snapchat has a policy that prevents users from changing their birthdays. Users can make well-informed judgments about posting personal information on social media platforms if they know the rationale behind this policy and the potential repercussions of supplying an incorrect birthdate.

Submitting an accurate date of birth when creating a Snapchat account and following the platform’s policies, including not being underage, is crucial.


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