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Discord is a messaging app that has exploded in popularity in the past several years, especially among online groups. The “Discord Kitten” is a new kind of server that has evolved on the popular messaging platform. These servers have gained popularity due to the sense of belonging and acceptance they promote among their users.

What are Discord Kittens? Why have they become so popular? And how can you join one of these servers? 

To learn more about what makes Discord Kittens such a particular and valued element of the Discord platform, read on if you’re interested in learning more about this unusual subset of the Discord community.

What are Discord Kittens?

A “Kitten” server on the popular messaging app Discord is a welcoming place for anyone looking to connect with others and feel accepted. People who have a strong desire to facilitate a community where members may meet and interact with one another in a variety of ways are the ones who often construct and moderate such servers.

Discord Kittens are distinct from regular Discord servers because they have more stringent rules and restrictions for conduct. The purpose of these guidelines is to prevent harassment and discrimination and to make everyone feel safe when sharing their ideas and opinions.

There is a wide variety of things to do on Discord Kittens, but many servers strive to foster friendship by fostering common interests and hobbies. Members of a Discord Kitten server dedicated to a particular video game, television show, or musical genre, for instance, can hold discussions, share fan art and stories, and even host tournaments and viewing parties for one other.

The kind and inclusive environment Discord Kittens give contributed to their meteoric rise in popularity. They can be especially helpful for underrepresented communities since they provide a place to meet people who understand and can relate to one another.

Why are Discord Kittens popular?

Discord Kittens have become increasingly popular on the Discord platform for various reasons. Here are some of the main reasons why Discord Kittens have gained such a large following:

  1. Safe and inclusive atmosphere: Discord Kittens are known for being welcoming and inclusive spaces where people can feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of judgment оr discrimination.
  2. Strong sense of community: Members оf Discord Kittens often form strong connections with one another and build supportive relationships over time.
  3. Shared interests: Many Discord Kittens are centered around a particular interest оr hobby, such аs gaming, music, or anime. This shared passion can bring people together and create a strong sense of community.
  4. Varied activities: Many activities take place on Discord Kittens, including gaming, movie watch parties, and group discussions. 
  5. Opportunity for personal growth: Discord Kittens can be a space where people can try new things, meet new people, and develop new skills. 

How to join a Discord Kitten server

If you’re interested in joining a Discord Kitten server, here are some step-by-step instructions to help you get started:

  1. Create a Discord account: If you don’t already have a Discord account, you’ll need to create one. You can do this by visiting the Discord website and following the sign-up instructions.
  2. Search for Discord Kitten servers: Once you’ve created an account, you can search for Discord Kitten servers differently. One option is tо use a service listing website like Disboard, which allows you to browse and search for servers based on various criteria. Another option is tо search for servers using Discord’s built-in search feature.
  3. Read the server rules: Before joining a Discord Kitten server, read the rules and guidelines that the server has in place. This will help you understand what is expected of you аs a community member and will ensure that you can participate in the server respectfully and appropriately.
  4. Request an invitation: Some Discord Kitten servers require an invitation to join. You may need to fill out a form or send a direct message to one of the server moderators tо request an invitation.
  5. Accept the invitation: If you’ve been invited to a Discord Kitten server, you’ll receive a notification that will allow you to accept the invitation and join the server. You can start participating in the community and engaging in the activities that are taking place.
  6. Follow the rules and guidelines: Follow the rules and guidelines that are in place. This will ensure that you can participate in the community respectfully and appropriately and help maintain the server’s welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.


Discord Kittens provides a one-of-a-kind place for people to meet, form bonds, and participate in various activities. This group of servers is well-known for its friendly and open environment, a strong feeling of community, common interests and activities, and ample room for individual development. 

Explore detailed information on how to join a Discord Kitten server. There are a wide variety of Discord Kitten servers, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that suits your needs.

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