What Does WYM Mean in Snapchat

What Does WYM Mean in Snapchat

Among today’s youth and young adults, Snapchat has risen to prominence as a leading social media network. It’s an exciting and rapid mode to keep in touch with loved ones and broadcast life’s special events. 

New users may feel lost in the terminology and acronyms permeating the app. Many Snapchatters want to know, “What Does WYM Mean on Snapchat?” because the abbreviation “WYM” is used frequently. 

Explore the history and significance of the Snapchat acronym “WYM,” its definition, and recommended usage. Understand the constantly evolving social media vocabulary, even if you’re a seasoned Snapchat user or just getting started.

The Definition of “WYM” on Snapchat

The question “What Does WYM Mean?” is among the most searched-for Snapchat acronyms and abbreviations. “What You Mean?” and “What’s Your Move?” are two of the most prevalent interpretations of “WYM.” Both of these explanations capture the casual, chatty style that is typical of Snapchat. “WYM” is typically used as a follow-up question in Snapchat conversations to clarify a prior comment or inquire about someone’s future plans.

If a friend sent you a Snap that read, “I’m thinking about going to the beach tomorrow,” and you replied, “WYM?” it could indicate either “What You Mean?” or “What’s Your Move?” 

The first scenario suggests the user wants more information about the second.

The second scenario suggests that the customer wants to know what their friend has planned for their beach vacation.

The Origins of “WYM”

The origins of “WYM” are unclear, but it likely evolved from the phrase “What do you mean?” 

Here are a few possible explanations for the origin of “WYM“:

  1. Shorthand for “What do you mean?” – “WYM” is a common abbreviation used in texting and social media tо save time and space. Over time, it has become a staple of Snapchat conversations.
  2. Teen culture – “WYM” may have originated from teen culture and spread through social media. Teenagers are often at the forefront of new slang and trends, and “WYM” may have caught on аs a way to ask for clarification in a fast-paced and informal setting.
  3. Pop culture – Pop culture references, such as movies and music, can also influence the use оf slang terms like “WYM.” The use of “WYM” in popular media may have contributed to its popularity and spread on Snapchat.

How to Use “WYM” on Snapchat

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use “WYM” on Snapchat:

  1. Understand the context: “WYM” is typically used in casual, informal conversations between friends. Avoid using it in professional or formal settings.
  2. Consider the tone: Use “WYM” in a friendly and non-threatening way tо avoid misunderstandings.
  3. Timing: Use “WYM” as a follow-up question to clarify a previous statement оr inquire about someone’s plans.
  4. Use proper grammar: While “WYM” is an abbreviation, use proper grammar and spelling in a Snapchat conversation.
  5. Explain the meaning if necessary: Not all Snapchat users may be familiar with “WYM,” sо explain the meaning.
  6. Wait for a response: After sending your “WYM” message, wait for the other person to respond and clarify their statement or plans.


WYM” is an abbreviation frequently used on Snapchat to inquire about someone’s plans or seek clarification. To avoid miscommunication and maximize your effectiveness when using Snapchat, familiarizing yourself with the context, tone, and correct use of “WYM” is essential. 

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