What Does The Grey Circle On Snapchat Mean

what does the grey circle on snapchat mean

Snapchat has quickly become one of the most widely-used messaging apps worldwide. It has earned a huge appeal among the younger generation thanks to its innovative features like vanishing messages and artistic filters. 

It can be difficult to remember the meaning of Snapchat’s ever-growing library of emojis and other emoji-like characters, however. The grey circle has been a source of consternation for many people. 

So why does it appear on your Snapchat, and what does it mean?

We’ll decode Snapchat’s grey circle and provide the background to make sense of the app’s icons.

What are Snapchat Circles?

Snapchat employs a wide range of icons and symbols for its user interface. The circle is an essential symbol that can be seen in various colors tо represent different concepts. 

The varying sizes of the colored circles represent the different degrees of connection between users on Snapchat. A variety of colors, from yellow to red to pink to purple to blue to grey, are represented by various-sized circles.

There is a special importance and symbolism attached to each of these hues.

Those friends who frequently receive photos from a user will be highlighted in yellow. A Snapstreak is shown by a red circle and occurs when a user and a friend exchange snaps for seven days. 

If a friend has been snapped many times and no response has been received, the user will see a pink circle. The purple circle means the user and friend have exchanged snaps, but not enough to begin a Snapstreak. The blue circle stands for group conversations, where several people can type at once.

The grey circle indicates a friend with whom the user has not had recent contact. This usually occurs when more than 24 hours have passed since the user, and their friend last exchanged snaps.

What Does the Grey Circle Mean?

Here are some key points about what the grey circle on Snapchat means:

  1. The grey circle on Snapchat means that the user and the friend have not sent snaps tо each other for an extended period, typically more than 24 hours.
  2. It signifies no active Snapstreak between the user and the friend.
  3. The grey circle does not indicate that the friend has been removed from the user’s friend list.
  4. It simply means there has been no recent interaction between the user and the friend.
  5. The grey circle encourages users to maintain their interactions with their friends.
  6. Snapchat uses an algorithm to determine which friends should be prioritized for interaction based оn the frequency and duration of previous interactions.
  7. The grey circle may not appear for all friends with whom the user has not interacted recently.
  8. Understanding the meaning of the grey circle can help users better navigate Snapchat and stay connected with their friends.

Understanding Other Symbols on Snapchat

Here are some of the most common symbols and what they mean:

  1. Snapstreak – The number next to the fire emoji indicates the consecutive days the user and the friend have exchanged snaps.
  2. Hourglass – Appears next tо a friend’s name when the Snapstreak is about to expire, reminding the user to send a snap to maintain it.
  3. Birthday Cake – Appears next to a friend’s name on their birthday.
  4. Blue Checkmark – Appears next to the username of a verified account.
  5. Gold Star – Appears next to the username of a friend whose Snaps have been replayed multiple times in the past 24 hours.
  6. Red X – Appears next to a Snap that has failed to send.
  7. Purple Square – Appears next tо a friend’s name when they have sent a snap that includes a link.
  8. Pink Hearts – Indicates that the user and the friend have been each other’s number one Best Friend for two months straight.
  9. Smiling Face – Appears next to a friend’s name when they are one of the user’s Best Friends.
  10. Sunglasses Face – Appears next to a friend’s name when the user and the friend share a mutual Best Friend.


The level of contact between users and their friends on Snapchat may be understood thanks to circles and the grey circle. Users familiar with the meanings of these icons will have a much easier time figuring out who among their friends is using Snapchat at any given time, who they should message next, and how to keep their Snapstreaks going strong. 

Users can improve their time on Snapchat and maintain stronger relationships with their friends using these functions.

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