What Does The Fire Mean On Snapchat

what does the fire mean on snapchat

Snapchat is a well-liked messaging software that deletes sent media after being viewed. Though that’s one app feature, it’s not the only one. Snapchat additionally uses many emoticons and symbols to represent various facets of your communications with buddies.

When it comes to Snapchat, the fire emoji is a sure bet to be instantly recognizable. You might be curious about the meaning of the fire emoji if you’ve ever seen it next to a friend’s name on Snapchat. 

Delve into the significance of the fire emoji in Snapstreaks and what it means for users. 

The Basics of Snapchat Emojis

Here are the basics of Snapchat emojis in a list format:

  • Snapchat uses various emojis to indicate different aspects of your interactions with friends.
  • Emojis can appear next to your friends’ names in your chat or friend list.
  • Friend emojis are based on the frequency and type of interactions you have with a friend.
  • The yellow heart emoji appears next tо the friend you send the most snaps to, while the red heart emoji appears next to the name of the friend you’ve been each other’s best friend on Snapchat for two weeks.
  • Other friends emojis include the smiling face, grimacing face, sunglasses face, smirking face, and more, each with meaning.
  • You can also receive emojis based on your activity on Snapchat, such as the birthday cake emoji on your birthday, the hourglass emoji if you’re running out of time to maintain a Snapstreak, and more.
  • Emojis can change over time based on your interactions with friends, so watching them understand your Snapchat relationships is necessary.

What Does the Fire Emoji Mean on Snapchat?

Here are the key points to understanding what the fire emoji means on Snapchat in a list format:

  • The fire emoji on Snapchat signifies a Snapstreak between you and one of your friends.
  • A Snapstreak is created when you and a friend have sent snaps to each other on consecutive days.
  • When a Snapstreak is first created, the fire emoji will appear next to your friend’s name with a number indicating the number of consecutive days you’ve maintained the streak.
  • The fire emoji will remain next tо your friend’s name if you maintain the Snapstreak.
  • You must send a snap to your friend at least once every 24 hours to maintain the Snapstreak.
  • If you don’t send a snap within 24 hours, the Snapstreak will end, and the fire emoji will disappear.
  • The longer you maintain a Snapstreak, the higher the number next to the fire emoji will get.
  • Snapstreaks can last for a long time, with some users having maintained Snapstreaks for hundreds or even thousands of days.
  • Losing a Snapstreak can bе disappointing, but you can always start a new one with your friend.

What Happens When You Lose a Snapstreak?

Here’s what happens when you lose a Snapstreak on Snapchat:

  • If you don’t send a snap tо your friend within 24 hours of the last snap, the Snapstreak will end, and the fire emoji will disappear next to your friend’s name.
  • You’ll receive a notification from Snapchat indicating that the Snapstreak has ended.
  • You’ll also lose any rewards associated with the Snapstreak, such as certain emojis or filters.
  • If you’ve lost a Snapstreak and want to start a new one with your friend, you’ll need tо send a snap to them to begin a new streak.
  • Losing a Snapstreak isn’t the end of the world. While it can be disappointing, it’s not worth getting upset over. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Snapstreaks

Here are some tips for maintaining your Snapstreaks on Snapchat in a list format:

  • Make sending snaps to your friends a part of your daily routine to help ensure you don’t forget.
  • Set reminders on your phone or another device to prompt you to send snaps.
  • Use the Snapchat timer feature tо track when you last sent a snap to a friend and when you need to send the next one.
  • Consider sending snaps that don’t require a response, such as a picture of your pet or a funny meme.
  • Ask your friend to help you maintain the Snapstreak by reminding you to send snaps if you forget.
  • Keep track of your Snapstreaks by writing them down in a notebook or using an app tо track your Snapchat activity.
  • If you are away from your phone or device for an extended period, let your friend know so they don’t think you’ve lost interest in the Snapstreak.


The Snapchat fire emoji represents a Snapstreak between you and a certain friend. Keeping your Snapstreak alive is entertaining, but it’s not the most critical aspect of Snapchat. 

The app’s primary goals are social interaction and amusement. Setting reminders and incorporating sending snaps into your daily routine are just two tactics you can use to make sure you don’t accidentally break your Snapstreaks. 

You shouldn’t be too concerned if you manage to lose a Snapstreak. Nothing is lost forever. You and your friend can always begin again.

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