What Does “Slay” Mean in TikTok

What Does "Slay" Mean in TikTok

TikTok has led the way in the recent trend of new terms and phrases being created and spread across social media platforms. “Slay” is one of the most well-known slang phrases to originate from the TikTok community. 

Slay” has quickly become one of Instagram’s most commonly used expressions, appearing in both public and private contexts. Analyze the relevance of the Slay hashtag on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

Discuss the history of the phrase on the service, its current state, and its various applications. Learn how the term “Slay” has affected the culture of TikTok and its social and cultural ramifications.

Talk about why it’s crucial to comprehend social media slang and how it both reflects and shapes prevailing cultural ideals.

What does “Slay” mean on TikTok?

The term “Slay” has rocketed to fame on the video-sharing platform TikTok in recent years. Slaying is slang for excelling in something or looking spectacular.

The phrase has developed a broader meaning on TikTok, encompassing dancing, singing, and content creation. It’s common to use the term as a compliment, whether to describe oneself or someone else.

The word “Slay” is frequently used as a hashtag in TikTok videos so that viewers may find clips with similar themes. The phrase can also compliment bу creators through captions or remarks.

For some TikTok stars, the hashtag “Slay” is a rallying cry to their fans to go after their dreams and give their all in every aspect of their lives.


While the word “Slay” has gained popularity on TikTok, it is not exclusive to the app. Several fields, including pop culture, fashion, and the cosmetics industry, regularly employ the word.

How is “Slay” used in TikTok?

Here are some ways in which “Slay” is commonly used in TikTok:

  1. Hashtags: Users often include the hashtag #Slay in their videos to indicate that they have performed a task with excellence or look amazing.
  2. Compliments: “Slay” is often used tо compliment other users in the comments section. Creators may use the term to express admiration for another user’s content.
  3. Self-expression: TikTok users often use “Slay” to describe themselves or their accomplishments. For example, users may caption their video with “I just slayed this dance!
  4. Inspiration: Some creators use “Slay” to encourage their followers tо pursue their passions and strive for excellence in all areas of life. This can take the form of motivational messages or uplifting content.
  5. Trends: “Slay” is often used in the context of TikTok trends, which can involve dancing, singing, оr other types of performance. Users may use the term to indicate that they have completed a particular trend or challenge.

The social and cultural significance of “Slay” on TikTok

Using “Slay” on TikTok has significant social and cultural implications. Here are some ways in which the term iѕ significant: 

  1. Empowerment: “Slay” is often used as a term for empowerment, particularly for marginalized groups such as women and the LGBTQ+ community. Using the term, users express their confidence, self-assurance, and excellence in their abilities.
  2. Reinforcement of cultural norms: Using “Slay” on TikTok reflects and reinforces broader cultural norms and values. The term is associated with beauty, fashion, and pop culture, which are areas that have traditionally been associated with femininity and performance. By using the term, users are reinforcing these norms and values.
  3. Criticisms and controversies: The use of “Slay” on TikTok has also been subject tо criticisms and controversies. Some critics argue that the term is overused and has lost its original meaning. Others have raised concerns that the term reinforces unrealistic beauty standards оr cultural appropriation.
  4. Impact on TikTok culture: The widespread use of “Slay” on TikTok has significantly impacted the platform’s culture. The term has become a central part of TikTok’s language and reflects the values and aspirations of the community.


Slay” is a widespread term on TikTok that honors success, independence, and individuality. Its use mirrors and promotes societal attractiveness, style, and pop culture standards.

Even though the term has been the subject of criticism and controversy, it plays a significant role in TikTok’s everyday language and culture. Slaying is a major part of the culture on TikTok, so learning what it means and how it relates to the platform as a whole is crucial.

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