What Does “Reposted” Mean on Tiktok

What Does "Reposted" Mean on Tiktok

Short-form video footage on Tiktok has gone viral around the world, so it’s no wonder that its fans want to re-upload their favorites. If “reposted” means something different on Tiktok than on other social networking sites, how?

Learn what it means to “repost” on Tiktok and why people do it for this article. Find out some potential drawbacks of reposting on Tiktok, such as copyright issues, and present several alternatives for sharing information. 

What is a “repost” on Tiktok?

On Tiktok, a “repost” refers to sharing someone else’s video on your profile:

  1. Reposting a video adds it to your profile’s feed, where your followers can see it.
  2. Reposted videos have a small icon that indicates another user originally posted them.
  3. When you repost a video, you can add your own caption, sound, and effects to it.
  4. Reposting a video does not affect the original video or the original poster’s engagement metrics (e.g., likes, views, comments).
  5. Only public videos can be reposted on Tiktok.
  6. To repost a video, you can use the built-in “Share” function in the app оr third-party apps that allow reposting. Using third-party apps can be risky and violate Tiktok’s terms of service.

Why do people repost on Tiktok?

There are many reasons why people repost videos on Tiktok. Here are some оf the most common reasons:

  1. Sharing content from other creators: Tiktok is a community-oriented app, and many users enjoy sharing content that they find entertaining, inspiring, or educational with their followers.
  2. Showcasing collaborations: Reposting a video from another user can be a way to showcase a collaboration or partnership and give your followers a taste of the content you create together.
  3. Promoting a cause: Reposting a video that promotes a charitable cause or raises awareness about a necessary issue can help spread the word and reach a wider audience.
  4. Boosting engagement: Reposting a video that has already gained popularity can help increase your engagement metrics, such as likes, views, and comments, and attract new followers to your profile.
  5. Adding value to your content: Reposting a video that aligns with your brand or aesthetic can help add value to your profile and provide your followers with more diverse content.

Potential downsides of reposting on Tiktok

Here are some оf the most common concerns when it comes to reposting on Tiktok:

  1. Copyright infringement: When you repost someone else’s video on Tiktok without permission, you may infringe on their copyright. This can result in your account being suspended or even legal action being taken against you.
  2. Loss of credit: If you repost a video without properly crediting the original creator, you are taking credit for their work, potentially reducing their visibility and engagement on the platform.
  3. Negative comments or backlash: If you repost a controversial or offensive video, you may attract negative comments or backlash from the community. This can harm your reputation on the platform and potentially lead tо your account being suspended.
  4. Low-quality content: Reposting low-quality or unoriginal content can harm your reputation and reduce engagement metrics. Ensuring that the content you reposts is high-quality and adds value to your profile is important.
  5. Violation of Tiktok’s guidelines: If you repost videos that violate Tiktok’s guidelines, such as content that promotes hate speech or contains explicit material, your account may be suspended or even permanently banned from the platform.

Other ways to share content on Tiktok

Reposting on Tiktok can bе a great way to share content with your followers, but it’s not the only way. Here are some other ways to share content on Tiktok:

  1. Duet: Tiktok’s “Duet” feature allows you to create a new video that appears alongside another user. This can be a great way to collaborate with other creators and create unique, engaging content.
  2. Stitch: The “Stitch” feature on Tiktok allows you to clip and integrate part of another user’s video into your video. It can be a great way to respond to a video, add context, or create a new twist on existing content.
  3. React: The “React” feature on Tiktok allows you to create a new video that appears alongside another user’s video, with your reaction superimposed on top. That can be a great way to engage with other creators and create engaging, humorous content.
  4. Hashtags: Using relevant hashtags can help your content reach a wider audience and increase your visibility on the platform. Use hashtags relevant tо your content and popular within your niche.
  5. Collaborations: Partnering with other creators or brands can greatly expand your reach on Tiktok and create engaging, high-quality content. Be sure to choose collaborations that align with your brand and values and provide value to your followers.


If you want to increase your engagement on Tiktok, reposting is a terrific way to interact with other users, spread your material, and reach a wider audience. There are certain drawbacks to consider, such as the possibility of copyright infringement, the loss of credit, the possibility of unpleasant comments or reactions, the possibility of low-quality content, and the possibility of violating Tiktok’s restrictions.

You can increase your visibility and participation in the Tiktok community by adhering to the site’s policies and using features like duets, stitches, responses, hashtags, and collaborations creatively. Your top priority should be ethical and high-quality content that advances the platform and is consistent with your brand and values.

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