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TikTok’s innovative structure for short videos has captivated millions of people across the world. The website now serves as a central point for viral phenomena like dancing challenges and other forms of online entertainment. 

The phenomena known as “OPPs” has been making waves on the video-sharing platform TikTok. You may bе wondering what OPPs stand for and why they are important on the platform if you haven’t heard them before. Explore the significance of OPPs on TikTok and what they imply culturally. 

What do OPPs mean?

Other People’s Property is an abbreviation commonly used in the industry. It’s a common hashtag or caption in TikTok videos showing off other people’s stuff. Items of high value оr desirability fall into this category, and they can range from automobiles to garments to jewelry and beyond. You can also use OPPs to mean anything else that isn’t yours in the video. Naughty by Nature’s hit song “OPP” from the ’90s popularized the word with the lyrics, “how can I describe it, I’ll take you to frame by frame it.” Since then, it has seen widespread use, becoming a craze among TikTok users who include it in their movies.

The cultural impact of OPPs on TikTok

The use of OPPs on TikTok has had a significant cultural impact on the platform and beyond. Here are some ways that OPPs have influenced culture:

  1. Trendsetting: The use of OPPs on TikTok has become a trend many users have incorporated into their videos. The term has become part of the TikTok lexicon and has influenced other social media platforms.
  2. Social media influencers: Many influencers have used OPPs in their videos, contributing to the trend’s popularity. This has also influenced their followers to incorporate the term into their content.
  3. Consumerism: The trend оf showcasing high-end items on TikTok has contributed to a culture of consumerism, with users aspiring to own similar items. This has also led to an increase in the popularity of luxury brands and products.
  4. Pop culture references: The use of OPPs has become a popular reference in pop culture. It has been referenced in TV shows, movies, and music, further cementing its place in popular culture.
  5. Language evolution: Using OPPs on TikTok is an example of how language evolves and adapts tо new contexts. It highlights the influence of social media on language and how words and phrases can take on new meanings and become part of the cultural zeitgeist.

The controversies surrounding OPPs

The use of OPPs on TikTok has not been without controversy. Here are some оf the controversies surrounding OPPs:

  1. Appropriation: Some users have been accused of appropriating other cultures by using OPPs to showcase items that are associated with those cultures. Some users have used OPPs to showcase traditional African clothing or accessories, which can be seen as disrespectful or insensitive.
  2. Materialism: The trend of showcasing high-end items on TikTok has been criticized for promoting materialism and consumerism. Some users have been accused of flaunting their wealth and privilege, which can be seen аs distasteful or offensive.
  3. Theft: Using OPPs to showcase items that do not belong to the user has raised concerns about theft and property damage. Some users have been accused of stealing or borrowing items without permission, which is illegal and unethical.
  4. Misuse of the term: OPPs has evolved beyond its original meaning, and some users have used it inappropriately or incorrectly. This can lead to confusion оr misunderstanding, especially for those unfamiliar with the term.
  5. Moderation: Using OPPs on TikTok has raised concerns about moderation and content regulation. Some users have been accused of using the term inappropriately or posting inappropriate content under the guise of OPPs. This has led to calls for stricter moderation and content guidelines on the platform.


OPPs have gone viral on TikTok, impacting the platform’s user base and the wider culture and language. Concerns concerning appropriation, consumerism, theft, abuse, and moderation have been highlighted in connection with its use.

Thinking about the consequences of your actions when utilizing any cultural phenomenon is crucial. TikTok’s emphasis on OPPs highlights the potential impact of social media on language and culture.

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