What Does Instagram Handle Mean?

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. It’s a great way to share photos and videos, connect with friends and family, and even grow a business or personal brand. 

But to take full advantage of all that Instagram offers, learn what an Instagram handle is and how it can affect your visibility and engagement on the platform. 

We’ll explain what an Instagram handle is, how it differs from an Instagram username, and how to find and change it. 

Discuss the importance of an Instagram handle and provide tips for choosing and optimizing one for maximum impact. 

What is an Instagram Handle?

 Instagram handle is the unique name that appears at the end of an Instagram profile’s URL. 

In the URL “,” “Example” is the Instagram handle. The handle is also the name that appears above the profile picture on an Instagram profile. 

An Instagram handle is different from an Instagram username. While the handle is the name in the profile’s URL and above the profile picture, the username is the name used to mention or tag the profile in posts and comments. 

The handle and the username can be changed, but the handle will always appear in the profile’s URL.

To find an Instagram handle, go to an Instagram profile and look at the URL. The handle will be the text immediately following “” 

To change an Instagram handle, go to your profile, tap “Edit Profile,” and then tap “Username.” 

When you change your handle, you will also change your username. 

You can only change your handle once every 14 days, so choose a handle you’re happy with.

Use a unique handle аs it makes it easy for people to find you on the platform, and it also makes it easy for people to remember. Having a handle that is memorable and easy to spell can increase the chances of people finding your profile through search.

Importance of an Instagram Handle

An Instagram handle is one of the most important factors in the popularity and interaction оf your profile. Your headline is what people will see initially when they visit your profile and will use to search for you. 

That’s why it’s crucial to pick a handle for your Instagram account that isn’t only catchy but also simple to type and true to your business or identity.

Here are some best practices for choosing an Instagram handle:

  1. Keep it short and simple: A shorter handle is more memorable and easier to spell.
  2. Use keywords: If you’re a business or influencer, include keywords relevant to your brand оr niche in your handle.
  3. Be consistent: Use the same handle across your social media profiles to make it easy for people to find you.
  4. Make it personal: If you’re using Instagram for personal reasons, consider using your name or a variation of it as your handle.

So, if you’ve chosen an Instagram handle, optimizing it for search is also important. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Use keywords: Include keywords relevant tо your brand or niche in your handle to increase the chances of people finding your profile through search.
  2. Complete your profile: Make sure to fill out your bio, add a profile picture, and post regularly to increase your profile’s visibility in search results.
  3. Use hashtags: Use relevant hashtags in your posts and bio to increase the chances of people finding your profile through search.


An Instagram handle is a unique name that appears at the end of an Instagram profile’s URL and above the profile picture. 

Choose a memorable handle, easy tо spell and reflective of your brand or personal identity.

 Optimize your Instagram handle for search by including keywords, completing your profile, and posting regularly.

 Ensure that your Instagram handle is working for you and not against you, increasing the visibility and engagement of your profile on the platform.

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