What Does “DWS” Mean On Snapchat?

Over the years, people have increasingly adapted to and increasingly used social networks. Adapting to the new language also means picking up its jargon and shorthand.

 And recently, one of the most popular teen apps, Snapchat, has become the primary venue for such exchanges. With its ever-growing popularity, it’s not surprising that new terms and acronyms are constantly emerging. 

One such term is “DWS,” which has puzzled many Snapchat users. We aim to explain what “DWS” means on Snapchat, its usage and context, and provide examples of how it’s used on the platform.

Definition of “DWS” on Snapchat

The term “DWS” is an acronym commonly used on Snapchat. But what does it stand for? Put, “DWS” stands for “Driving While Snapping.”

 It refers to using Snapchat while driving to capture and share experiences on the road with friends. While this may seem harmless, using a phone while driving can be dangerous and is often illegal. 

Using Snapchat оr any other mobile device while driving can cause distraction and increase the risk of accidents. Hold your attention on the road and refrain from using your phone while driving.

How “DWS” is Used on Snapchat

To understand how “DWS” is used on Snapchat, here are the steps:

  1. Take a snap while driving: To use “DWS” on Snapchat, you simply take a snap. It can bе a picture, a video of your surroundings, a funny moment, or anything else you want to capture and share with friends.
  2. Add a caption or a filter: You can add a caption or a filter to make it more interesting. For example, you could add the caption “DWS” to let your friends know you took the snap while driving.
  3. Share the snap with friends: After adding a caption or a filter, you can share the snap with your friends оn Snapchat. You can send it to specific friends or add it to your Snapchat story for all your followers to see.
  4. View the snaps of others: You can also view the snaps that your friends have shared with the “DWS” caption. Simply open Snapchat and look for the snaps in your feed or your friends’ stories.


DWS” is a term used on Snapchat tо describe taking snaps while driving. You just take a picture, maybe edit it with a caption or filter, and then send it to your friends. But just be careful how often you use it!

Additional Resources

  1. Snapchat Help Center: Snapchat’s official Help Center is a great place to find information about the platform and its features. You can learn about different terms and acronyms, and how to use Snapchat.
  2. Social Media Glossaries: Some several websites and blogs have compiled comprehensive glossaries оf social media terms and acronyms. These resources can help you stay up to date with the latest slang and terminology used on platforms like Snapchat.
  3. Social Media Communities: Joining online communities dedicated to social media can also be a valuable resource. You can connect with other users, ask questions, and share your knowledge and experiences.


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