What Does “Active now” Mean on Instagram?

Instagram is a widely-used social media site for sharing visual content, interacting with others in one’s network, and discovering new material from a diverse group of artists.

Instagram’s “Active now” status, shown by a green dot next to a user’s name, is one of the app’s features.

The purpose of this function is to inform other users that you are now utilizing the app. 

We will describe the “Active now” feature, walk you through how it operates, and show you how to make the most of it.

If you’re new to Instagram or a seasoned expert, you’ll find some helpful tips for making the most of the “Active now” feature to make connections and improve your experience.

How the “Active now” feature works

The “Active now” feature on Instagram is indicated by a green dot next to a user’s name. 

This green dot appears when the user is currently active on the platform. A user’s activity determines the feature within the app, such as scrolling through their feed, posting, direct messaging, watching stories, etc. 

When users actively use the app, they will be marked as “Active now,” and the green dot will appear next to their name.

It is not always accurate, as there may be some delay in the status update.

 Other factors could also affect it, such аs the user’s phone battery saver mode or internet connection. 

It is a useful tool for connecting with friends and followers in real-time, as you can see when they are available to chat or engage with your content.

This feature is visible only to the people you follow or those who follow you, not the general public. It allows users tо connect with friends and followers more meaningfully rather than just seeing a list of people currently online.

Privacy concerns

Some users may not want others to know when they are online, as it can disrupt their privacy.

To address these concerns, Instagram allows users tо turn off the “Active now” feature in their privacy settings. 

When this feature is turned off, the green dot will not appear next to the user’s name, and others will not be able to see when the user is active on the platform.

Instagram also has additional privacy options that users may adjust to their liking. Users may, for instance, decide who can see their updates, articles, and DMs, who can comment on them, and who can contact them privately.

Instagram users should introduce themselves with the platform’s privacy options and select а degree оf visibility that makes them feel secure. They should exercise caution when interacting with someone they don’t know and should be careful with the information they choose to disclose publicly.

Tips for using the “Active now” feature effectively

Here are some tips for making the most of the “Active now” feature:

  1. Connect with friends and followers: When you see that a friend or follower is “Active now,” take the opportunity to reach out to them and start a conversation. This can be a great way to strengthen your relationships on the platform.
  2. Use it for professional purposes: If you are using Instagram for business or professional purposes, the “Active now” feature can be a great way to connect with potential clients or collaborators. When you see someone is “Active now,” reach out to them and introduce yourself or your business.
  3. Increase engagement on your account: The “Active now” feature can also increase engagement on your account. If you are “Active now,” your followers are more likely tо see your posts and stories and may be more likely to engage with your content.
  4. To turn off the “Active now” feature: Go to your profile, tap on three horizontal lines in the top right corner, tap on Settings, Select privacy, tap on Activity Status, and toggle the switch off.
  5. Use it wisely: Be mindful of the time of the day you are active and the frequency, as it could give a wrong impression to your followers or friends.


Instagram’s “Active now” function can be a great tool for engaging with friends and followers in real time and for professional and business applications. 

You must be aware of the privacy problems associated with it. Users should connect with friends and followers, use it for professional purposes, improve activity on their accounts, and be careful of the privacy options accessible to them to make the most of the “Active now” feature.

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