What Does A Gold Heart Mean On Snapchat

People all over the world use Snapchat, which is one of the most frequently utilized social media sites right now. It has many unique features that make it stand out from other social media platforms. 

One such feature is the Snapchat heart system. If you’re a frequent Snapchat user, you might have come across a Gold heart on your friend’s profile. 

But what exactly does it mean? Take a deep dive into the world of Snapchat hearts and, specifically, what a gold heart means on Snapchat.

Look at the significance of this heart color, the benefits of having a gold heart, and how to attain one. We’ll dispel any common misconceptions about the gold heart and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this feature. So, let’s get started!

Understanding the Snapchat Heart System

The Snapchat heart system is a way for users to show their affection for each other on the platform. Different colors of hearts represent different levels of friendship, with the gold heart being the highest level.

To use the Snapchat Heart system, users simply send snaps back and forth to each other. The more snaps they exchange, the higher the level of their friendship, as represented by the color of the heart on their profiles. 

The different heart colors on Snapchat are as follows:

  • Yellow heart: represents a close friend
  • Red Heart: represents a best friend
  • Pink heart: represents a number one best friend
  • Purple heart: represents a number two best friend
  • Gold Heart: represents the highest level of friendship

The Significance of a Gold Heart on Snapchat

The gold heart on Snapchat represents the highest level of friendship on the platform. You have been sending snaps and engaging in other activities with a friend who has a gold heart on your profile more frequently and consistently than with anyone else. 

Achieving a gold heart on Snapchat symbolizes a strong and close relationship between two users. So, how do you attain a gold heart on Snapchat? 

The key to achieving a gold heart is consistent and frequent interaction with the friend you want to attain the heart with. This can contain sending snaps, messaging each other, and using filters together.

 The more you interact with a friend on Snapchat, the higher your friendship level and the closer you will be to achieving a gold heart. Snapchat uses an algorithm to determine the level of a friendship and the color of the heart. 

It is based on several factors, including the frequency and consistency of interaction. 

Common Misconceptions about the Gold Heart

Despite the significance and benefits оf a gold heart on Snapchat, there are still some common misconceptions surrounding this feature. One of the most common misconceptions is that a gold heart can only bе achieved by sending snaps back and forth for several days.

The algorithm that determines the level of a friendship and the color of the heart is based оn various factors, including the frequency and consistency of interaction and not just the number of days that snaps have been exchanged.

Another misconception is that a gold heart is only attainable if both users send snaps tо each other every day. While it’s true that more frequent and consistent interaction will increase the chances of achieving a gold heart, it’s not a requirement for attaining this level of friendship.

The criteria for a gold heart are determined by Snapchat’s algorithm, and there is no set number of days or specific activities that need to bе completed in order to attain this level of friendship.


The greatest level of friendship on Snapchat is a gold heart, which denotes a solid friendship between two users.

Although having a gold heart has various advantages, such as prioritized snaps and exclusive filters, it is not dependent on a predetermined amount оf days or activities. The secret to getting a gold heart is to interact with the friend you want to get the heart with consistently and frequently.

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