Top Gambling Influencers on Instagram in 2024

Top Gambling Influencers on Instagram in 2024

As the online gambling industry grows, so does the number of casino influencers on social media. The most famous casino streamers are on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and X.

Lately, TikTok and Facebook have also become popular platforms among streamers. Meta actually pays top-performing streamers while TikTok is excellent for growing a streamer’s fan base.

In this article, we’ll outline the most influential gambling streamers on Instagram. Most of the influencers are great entertainers. Some of them are also educational while a couple of them are philanthropic.

Let’s get started.

 XQC (Felix Lengyel)

XQC is arguably the most famous gambling influencer out there. He has more than 12 million fans on Twitch, two million YouTube subscribers, and over 500,000 fans on Instagram.

To be fair, XQC doesn’t limit himself to online gambling. He streams both casino games and video games. The Canadian native began his career as a pro gamer specializing in Overwatch.

After garnering tremendous success on Twitch, XQC expanded its content to include slot machines. Last year, XQC announced he would retire from online gambling after winning a mouthwatering $5 million windfall.

The promise didn’t last long. XQC inked a deal with Kick, a new online streaming platform sponsored by Stake.com. Naturally, his employers requested him to get back to casino streams. 


Xposed is a Canadian streamer with 500,000 fans on Twitch and 100k followers on Instagram. Similar to Roshtein, Xposed is strictly about online gambling. The influencer is consistent with publishing content.

He streams almost every day, usually for about three to five hours per session. If you would like to learn about casino gambling, follow Xposed on Kick or Instagram. 

While he doesn’t spend outrageously high amounts of money on games, Xposed is an entertaining and likable content creator. This is especially true if you like streamers who share online betting tips. 

The streamer has a special love for blackjack and slots. If you would like to try live casino gaming, you can check his streams for an idea of how the game works. After that, find a cool casino site and play blackjack online for real money or just for fun.


Roshtein is a famous gambling influencer best known for playing high-stakes slots. He is one of the original gambling influencers on Twitch, having begun his streaming career in 2016.

Unlike many gambling influencers on this list, Roshtein is fully focused on casino content. When he’s available on Twitch or Kick, Roshtein can stream content for up to 24 hours. 

Whether you want to improve your skills in slots or watch while Roshtein gambles $1000 per spin, Roshtein is one of the best influencers to follow on social media. His comedic approach to gambling makes him likable and entertaining. 

Adin Ross

Adin is one of the many top-level gambling influencers who left Twitch for Kick last year. While he streams slots content occasionally, Adin also streams NBA 2K and Call of Duty.

Adin is the influencer to follow if you want to learn more about online slots. He’s also close to several famous figures, including Andrew Tate and Drake. He’s a controversial streamer but he’s also entertaining.

The young American influencer has more than seven million followers on Instagram. His close relationship with celebrities like Drake and Tate helps him attend major events, some of which he uses to create content for his fans.


When Yassuo first joined Twitch, he mostly streamed League of Legends content. He has since evolved and creates content for both video and casino gaming fans. He’s a high-stakes gambler and occasionally spends thousands of dollars on slot machines.

To be clear, Yassuo doesn’t just spend big money on casino games. He’s provided screenshots showing wins worth $500,000 or more. His biggest windfall was a $750,000 jackpot won last year.

He joined Kick last year with a non-exclusive contract. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to work on the platform as much as he does on Twitch and YouTube. He has slightly over $58,000 fans on the platform. 


NELK is a Canada-based group of casino streamers who originated from the USA. The group has more than 360,000 fans on Twitch, over 4M fans on Instagram and nearly 5M subscribers on YouTube.

The group is led by Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani, two of the most famous video game streamers. While the NELK boys earned their fame on Twitch, they’ve attracted lots of publicity by interacting with celebrities in the US.

They’ve invited Will Smith, Jake Paul, Lil Yachty, and Logan Paul to their streams. In 2020, the group also met President Donald Trump on the Air Force One while he was campaigning for re-election.

If you like casino freebies, you should probably follow this group. This year, the NELK boys have a $1000 daily giveaway to their fans. They’ve also promised to share 10% of their gambling wins with their subscribers.

Corinna Kopf

Female Twitch streamers are gradually shifting to the online gambling world. Corinna is an excellent example. She started her influencer job as an Instagram model. 

After gaining more than 6M fans on the platform, she joined Twitch, YouTube, and lately Kick.com. As a model, Kopf’s content is centered on her body, outfits, and vacations. 

If you want to associate with the gambling side of Kopf, you need to follow her on Kick. When she’s not chatting, the young model usually plays a variety of popular slots. She’s a high-stakes gambler who spends up to $500 per game.

Trainwreckstv (Tyler Nicknam)

Trainwreckstv is one of the oldest casino streamers on Twitch. He got into gambling streams way back in 2015. Back then, Tyler would play both video games and casino games to grow his audience. 

Tyler has made headlines for several rants made on his Twitch channel. He even received an indefinite ban in 2018 for a rant directed at female gamers. In 2021, the 33-year-old moved to Canada after Ontario legalized online casinos.

Since then, the gambling influencer has also joined Kick.com. Tyler says he has made over $360M by promoting online casinos. But no one seems to believe him. 

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