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Top 5 Live Streaming Apps You Need to Check Out in 2024

Top 5 Live Streaming Apps You Need to Check Out in 2024

In recent years, live streaming has become an increasingly popular form of hobby, and often a career, attracting thousands of people who try to share their talents, passions, and knowledge through streaming applications. Thanks to the ever-increasing prevalence and availability of the Internet, we live now in the golden age of streaming, and live streaming applications have revolutionized the way we experience entertainment.

Live Streams are not only a popular form of entertainment, but are also an important way of connecting, and a medium for mass interaction all over the world. Whether you are an influencer, a gamer, or any other type of online content creator looking to get into the world of content streaming, then this article is a real treat for you. Below we bring you a collection of the 5 best video streaming apps, the criteria for choosing them, and their key features.

Criteria for Selection

For a successful start, the most important thing is to decide what the purpose of your channel is and for which audience your content will be broadcast. Without these two, clearly defined aspects, it will be very difficult to stay on the right track concerning content, but the audience will also lose interest very easily. Also, it is important to know if your target audience uses a certain application to view content like the one you offer and if that application is easy to navigate.

Although live streaming is just your hobby, an application that is easy to use will help you to make your streaming experience more pleasant, and thus inspire you to continue. When you have answered these three questions, you can further analyze whether the application offers additional features, whether it can bring you income, or connect with your other platforms. Another important thing you should pay attention to is reading feedback and reviews left by former or current users of the applications.

Top 5 Live Streaming Apps

As live streaming applications gain more popularity, so increases the number of applications offered on the market. Therefore, it can be challenging for content creators to find adequate platforms for live-streaming, so creators often reach for applications to create videos, which are broadcast later. Given that most creators are often on the go and do not always have access to a laptop, applications like Omnistream enable the creation of studio-grade quality videos via a mobile device for live broadcasts at the highest quality and speed. Below are the Top 5 live-streaming apps to check out in 2024.


According to the latest data from January 2024, the Twitch platform is used by over 240 million active users monthly. It is interesting to note that as many as 30 million users use Twitch daily, both for live streaming and for broadcasting and chatting with millions of people and fans around the world.

Key features:

Twitch is designed primarily for gamers which makes it the perfect choice for eSports enthusiasts, eSports tournaments, and creators of other content related to popular games. Furthermore, Twitch offers chats as a way to interact with viewers in real-time. A very important feature is the monetization option through subscriptions, donations, ads, and a strong community of viewers.

Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo is another extremely popular video-sharing platform that is often compared to YouTube. However, on this platform, the quality of the material is valued first and foremost, so over time it has become a kind of community of visual creatives. This platform can boast over 300 million monthly users and 1.7 million paying subscribers who upload over 350,000 videos daily.

Key features:

Vimeo and flexibility go in the same sentence because it offers its users the best possible conditions. Although sometimes you have to pay extra, Vimeo offers several storage options so users do not have to worry about running out of storage space. Vimeo has proven that quality is just as important as quantity, so users enjoy high-quality videos that look clean and modern. Publishing on other social media platforms is easier with Vimeo, just like tracking analytics.


Unlike the previous two, Dacast is a live-streaming platform that is primarily intended for television companies and celebrities who want to take everything to a higher level. It is mainly used for the transmission of corporate events, conferences, and sporting events, and the reason for this is precisely its fantastic features.

Key features:

Dacast is on the top 5 list because it provides detailed analytics and reporting tools, which enable its users to monitor the performance of its content, which explains its popularity among television companies. In addition to this, it stands out for its scalability and reliability, as it can handle large volumes of traffic and offer a reliable infrastructure for all users.

Facebook Live

Facebook was one of the first and most popular social networks causing excitement among people all over the world. With the Facebook live function, Facebook regained popularity, and videos and searches increased by an incredible 330% in one year.

Key Features:

Facebook Live is free and videos can be streamed for later use as on-demand content.

YouTube Live

YouTube was and remains one of the most powerful platforms for creating video content, and with the option to broadcast live videos, it gained the attention and trust of even more users. Like Dacast, YouTube can boast of excellent video quality and analytical tools that help users understand all aspects of their success on the platform. In March 2024, YouTube had over 2.49 billion active users, making it one of the world’s most popular online platforms.

Key features:

Among the many features, real-time interaction with viewers, high video quality, access to analytics and demographics, and monetization options stand out as the main ones.


Whether you are a creator who is happy to share your passion with your audience or just a viewer looking for different experiences, today on the Internet you can find countless platforms that will meet all your needs. In the text, we presented you the 5 best live streaming platforms, which are distinguished by a series of special features, but the final decision is yours alone. 

Will you follow the crowd and rely on the benefits of YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo Live, or will you be one of those who follow your own experiences and who will help another platform to be on our list in the future? Be that as it may, let’s be satisfied and accept this golden era and use live streaming platforms to connect with people, have fun, and also learn.

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