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The Top Ways to Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone With Ease

Switching from an Android phone to an iPhone is always exciting because it offers new features and a different usage experience. However, this adventure also involves transferring essential data, particularly WhatsApp.

This application holds many important messages and shared media content you don’t want to lose. Therefore, this guide will let you explore how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using the most straightforward methods.

Part 1. Make WhatsApp Transfer Between Android and iPhone Exceptional With MobileTrans

Currently, several options are available over the internet to move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using data transfer tools. However, while software offers many benefits, it’s important to consider potential security risks before choosing a program. That’s where Wondershare MobileTrans comes in, which lets you transfer WhatsApp data across any device in the most optimal ways.

Using this powerful tool, you can shift data in the standard WhatsApp and any of its variants. One of its most significant aspects is its user-friendly handling, where you can perform all phone-related functions within a few clicks.

Key Features of Wondershare MobileTrans

  • This wonderful data transfer application allows users to move their data across almost any operating system.
  • You can handle and transfer up to 18 different kinds of data with this tool, including photos, videos, messages, and more.
  • Amazingly, it supports over 6000 different mobile phone devices running on iOS or Android, assisting you with enhanced accessibility.
  • Users can have a safe WhatsApp transfer from Android to iPhone without worrying about resetting devices or losing original data.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone via MobileTrans

Now that you are familiar with this data-shifting tool, let’s explore how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone through it using the steps below: 

Step 1. Launch MobileTrans and Access WhatsApp Transfer

First, connect your Android and iOS devices to your computer through a wired connection. Then, download and install the MobileTrans on your PC and launch it. Once it launches, simply tap the “WhatsApp Transfer” tab and select the desired variant of it.

Step 2. Set the Source and Destination Devices

As soon as you select the type of WhatsApp transfer, a new window will appear that will display both devices after detecting them automatically. Here, you can see the “Source” and “Destination” devices, which can also be flipped with the “Flip” button.

Step 3. Start the Data-Shifting Process and Wait for Completion

Now, hit “Start” to initiate the WhatsApp data-moving process between both mobiles. After waiting a few minutes, you will see a confirmation window for successful completion. Until then, do not disconnect your mobile devices from your PC as it would cause malfunction in WhatsApp transfer.

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Part 2. Guide To WhatsApp Transfer From Android to iPhone With Any Computer Connection

In the previous section, we explained in detail how to transfer WhatsApp Android to iPhone using the desktop version of MobileTrans. However, if you are more of a smartphone person and want this transfer without requiring a PC, there’s good news for you. This unique software is even available in a mobile app version that you can use anywhere without depending on messy cables.

With the MobileTrans App, you can shift up to 10 different kinds of data between mobile devices without requiring any cable or internet. Go through the following step-by-step instructions to learn how you can use this WhatsApp shifting app seamlessly:

Step 1. Select WhatsApp Transfer Feature in Android

Once you have installed the MobileTrans app on your Android phone, launch it and choose the “WhatsApp Transfer” feature. Then, select “Android to iPhone” after choosing the standard WhatsApp variant from the drop-down menu. Afterward, proceed with the backup file and phone number confirmation to receive the verification code.

storiesdown-The Top Ways To Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone With Ease

Step 2. Choose WhatsApp Data for Transferring to iPhone

Now, select the desired data that you want to shift between the mobile devices and hit “Next.” After that, you will be asked to choose between the device connection modes, either with a USB cable or without it. Once you are done with your choice, tap the “Start Transfer” button to begin this data transfer.

Part 3. Understanding WhatsApp Transfer from Android to iPhone With Email Chat

Now, you must have a clear understanding on how to transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone without computer interaction. Here is another way by which you can shift WhatsApp data between these mobile devices directly through email. Simply follow the instructions given below for transferring chats without any complication.

Step 1. Begin by launching WhatsApp on your Android smartphone and reaching its interface. Then, tap on the horizontal dots on the top-right corner and choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Following this, select the “Chats” option, scroll down to “Chat history” and tap it.

Step 2. Next, select the “Export chat” option to move the transferring process further. Here, you can choose the chat you want to transfer from your Android to your iPhone.

Step 4. Now, you will be asked whether you want to export the chat “Without media” or “Include media.” After choosing, select “Gmail” from the transferring options and send your chat history to your iPhone device.


In conclusion, this explicit guide has introduced you to the most effective method to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone via Wondershare MobileTrans. Besides, we have even shared with you details about its mobile app version that lets you perform all its functions wirelessly. Other than that, we have provided you with an additional method for this WhatsApp transfer using the email application.

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