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Techniques for Sharper, More Engaging Instagram Photos

Techniques for Sharper, More Engaging Instagram Photos

With the strongest user base in the social media sphere, Instagram is the top choice to target a quality audience. Although there has been a shift from photos to videos on every social media platform, Instagram still largely has its charm in photos. The platform started as a social media photo app and it’s still the number one choice for that. If you can get your photo game right by following the best techniques, the audience will be yours. You’ll be able to sell, be an influencer, or achieve any goal that you have on your mind.

Learn the light techniques

A harsh flash will not do any good to your photos. Instead, you should learn to use the power of natural light. It will give you vibrant, nuanced photos that will look much better than the ones you get with Flash. To get more natural light, shoot outdoors during golden hour (i.e. sunrise/sunset) for soft and warm tones. You can also use diffused window light for softer portraits for Instagram.

Another important thing here is the shadows to add depth and drama. Position your subject near light sources to create interesting shadows. You can also use reflectors to bounce light and fill harsh shadows. And in the end, you can experiment with different angles for Instagram photos that your audience will simply love. For this, don’t be afraid to get low, high, or close-ups. You should experiment with different perspectives to add dynamism and highlight unique details.

When your entire focus is on pictures, from clicking to editing, your iPhone will be soon overwhelmed in terms of storage. It does not matter which version it is and how much storage it offers; the Instagram photo experiments will make it fall short of what you want. For this, you should know how to remove these pictures from the phone. Follow the process as described here to delete all photos from the iPhone. As an additional measure, you should also know to delete wallpaper on the iPhone to have more space on the device. With this, you’ll be able to continue your photo techniques without any worries.

Compositional ideas

Follow the rule of thirds. Divide your frame into thirds horizontally and vertically. Place your subject at the intersections for a balanced and aesthetically pleasing composition. So how to take a picture with the rule of thirds? It’s simple. This means you should place the subject either on the left or the right in one-third of the frame and leave two-thirds open.

Another compositional idea is to use lines like roads, pathways, or patterns to draw the viewer’s eye toward your subject. This will create a sense of depth and focus to make your Instagram pictures catchier.

One more golden compositional advice is to not let clutter into your frame. Use negative space around your subject to let it breathe and draw attention to its details. So now you know how to post Instagram pictures that can woo your audience with brilliant compositions, let’s move on to the next points.

Techniques for Sharper, More Engaging Instagram Photos

The focus part

While taking your photos, your hand should always be steady. Camera shake can lead to blurry photos. To avoid this from happening, you should use a tripod for static shots, or prop your phone against a stable surface. You can enable your camera’s image stabilization feature for better handheld capture.

Don’t rely solely on autofocus. Tap on your desired focal point on the screen. This will ensure sharp clarity, especially for close-up shots.

If you are an advanced user, go for the manual mode. For full control, explore your camera’s manual mode. Adjust the aperture and shutter speed for precise focus and depth of field control to take photos that will leave your Instagram audience mesmerized. With such great Insta pictures, your audience will be left looking for how to save photos from Instagram from your account.


The editing part begins with cropping and straightening. You should crop out unwanted elements and straighten skewed horizons for a polished look. Then adjust the exposure for brightness and contrast for deeper blacks and brighter whites. Be careful though as you should not overdo it. It can create an unnatural look and this will leave you disappointed with the final results.

For sharpening, subtlety holds the key. You should enhance clarity with a light touch. Over-sharpening can create unwanted artifacts and noise.

If you want to do selective editing, use tools like brushes and masks to edit specific areas within your photo for more precise control. You should go for professional tools if you want to take editing to the next level.

Choose a tool from any of these popular names – Snapseed, VSCO, Hopper HQ, Canva, Veed.io, and some more. All of these are available on IOS and Android and some on browsers too.

Beyond the basics

Storytelling through details: Capture close-up shots of textures, patterns, and interesting details to pique curiosity and evoke emotions in your Instagram audience.

Don’t be scared of some imperfections: Don’t shy away from photos with a touch of vintage charm or a unique perspective. Imperfections add character and authenticity that a set of audience always loves. Remember, it’s not about how many pics you can post on Instagram, it’s more about how many quality pictures you can post.

Make use of props and elements: Use props and background elements to create a mood or complement your subject. You can even use it to make your Stories more interesting.

Find your aesthetic: Develop a signature style that reflects your personality and resonates with your audience. Use consistent color palettes, editing styles, and themes to create a feed that your Instagram audience loves and wants more.


With 2.5 billion people on one platform, Instagram serves as the perfect platform if you know how to click photos that can impress the users. With these simple techniques mentioned here, you can be a pro in a few days. You’ll be able to deliver to your audience what they want, or maybe even more.

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