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Seven Awesome Alternatives to Twitch

Seven Awesome Alternatives to Twitch

Twitch may be the most popular game streaming platform out there, but there are many competing sites that are providing gamers and audiences with alternatives. If you stream your gaming and derive an income from doing so, you may be looking for a different platform that offers you more opportunities to grow and earn. 

Audiences are beginning to flock to other platforms because Twitch is crowded. These sites offer a more personalized approach to audience engagement. Here are seven of the platforms they prefer over Twitch. 

YouTube Gaming

Many of the social media platforms we know and love, like Facebook, Twitter, and others, offer game streaming. But the one offered by YouTube is one of the more popular since many streamed videos are subsequently posted on YouTube to be viewed by those who didn’t initially watch the live stream. 

Whether you play free online games or focus on the more elaborate ones, posting your YouTube game stream on YouTube afterwards is a great way to increase your income. It’s also much easier if you stream using YouTube Gaming to begin with. 


Kick is a growing game streaming service that has developed over the course of a few years. As an online streamer, you’ll enjoy a 70% revenue offering, which is far higher than most streaming platforms. You may be worried that the audience isn’t that big yet, but as people are hearing about Kick the audience is steadily growing because of this platform’s focus on user-friendliness and community engagement. 

MobCrush Studio

Features abound when you stream your gaming with MobCrush. This platform allows you to instantly show replays of your gaming experience while you’re streaming, as well as engage with your viewers while you do so. There are a number of analytics built into the platform which encourage you to grow your audience and monetize your content in a way that really works. 

Setting yourself up on MobCrush Studio is simple and, best of all, FREE, making it the perfect streaming platform for beginners who want to enter the market. All kinds of games are included in their current list of gamers, including Minecraft, FIFA, and Fortnite. 


Wistia is similar to Twitch in that it encourages growth through sponsorships, fan base, and tips. Where Twitch allows for these and other ways to monetize your videos, Wistia is currently limited in its methods. But if you already have a large fan base, this is a great alternative to Twitch because it offers a sense of exclusivity for those who already know you. Wistia is a good platform for gamers, especially chess players, who stream instructive live games online. 


With a focus on live sports, Caffeine has recently added a variety of sports gaming stream opportunities for games and audiences who love spending hours watching. Soccer, racing, wrestling, and more: Caffeine is fast becoming a preferred platform for audiences who exclusively play and watch sports game streaming. 

Steam Broadcasting

Since its inception, Steam Broadcasting started out as a way to allow friends to watch each other play their favorite games. It’s now a platform that has evolved into a streaming service where fans can watch their favorite gamers challenge themselves with games and teach others how to play. 

With this growing popularity comes numerous ways to monetize gaming content, so play your Steam games and broadcast them live through the platform’s accompanying stream platform. But don’t limit yourself to Steam Broadcasting if you’re doing this professionally. This platform is exclusive to “friends”, so it’s best to set up this platform in a way that allows your biggest fans to watch after signing up as patrons of your other content. 


If you want to take streaming games to a professional level, then Restream is one of the best alternatives to Twitch we’ve seen. It integrates your social media with the platform and allows you to share your content across multiple platforms as you attempt to grow your audience. 

With a number of plans available, you can subscribe as a gamer and stream your favorite games for fans to view while implementing various forms of income generation too. Another great benefit to Restream is its mobile-friendly interface, which allows people to watch you play wherever they are.  

Wrapping Up

Don’t limit yourself to Twitch if you want to expand as a live streamer. There are other platforms that offer various kinds of monetization opportunities that you should seriously consider taking advantage of. 

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