SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

SEO is a big topic for all businesses online and as such, it is also an ever-evolving field. Therefore, all businesses who decide to make presence with their website on the internet, have to invest in SEO. In the past, people have promoted their business in different ways, for instance, they have prepared TV ads, rented out billboards and have distributed flyers all around the city. Although this is still part of a business advertisement, the marketing teams of businesses mostly work with the website and run online campaigns. 

This online presence is all linked to SEO, that is Search Engine Optimization. Aside from being a big topic, there are still people in the marketing field who find it difficult to work with SEO and make some mistakes that are often fatal for the business. Today in this article we will discuss what those mistakes are and how to avoid them, showing you clear examples.

Adding keyword stuffed content on your website

This is the most prominent mistake that companies make when it comes to SEO. Firstly, they identify their main keywords that cover what their business does and where it is located. After this step, most of the companies go onto their website and just stuff it with those keywords as much as possible. 

Let us take a real-life scenario of what people mistakenly do and what they should actually do.

Scenario 1

  1. Let us say you are working with a website and have identified your keywords as “real money online casino Canada.” To break it down, there are three main keywords here, so it is “real money,” “online casino” and the location “Canada.” Now you are thinking “Oh, this is so easy now, I know my keywords so let me put them in every corner of the website so that the search engines know clearly what my business is about.” 

💡 Why is this wrong? 

Stuffing your website with keyword content only can actually damage your presence on the search engine because search engines will mark your content as spam. This is a case of using the keywords excessively, and it looks like the pop-up ads that no one actually enjoys. Instead, provide content that is qualitative but also provides value to your targeted audience. 

Not optimizing their website to be mobile-friendly

Optimization on different devices is necessary nowadays. That means, whatever content you have included within your website, you should be able to optimize it in a way that it adjusts automatically based on what device it is being accessed from. Most marketing teams do not do this and end up ranking lower just because of this missing element. 


Let us have a look at a real-life scenario.

Scenario 2

  • You have optimized the content of your website, and everything is in its right place. You have optimized meta titles and meta tags, and now you are simply monitoring on your SEO tool how everything is performing. But you have forgotten one step of the SEO package, as you have only optimized your website for users who access through a monitor. 

💡 Why is this wrong? 

People nowadays use their phones more and more, that means that the chances they will access your website through a smartphone are pretty high. Even Google itself stated that those websites who have mobile-friendly sites will rank higher in the search result. Thus, we highly recommend you invest into creating a mobile-friendly UI for your website as it has now become a necessity. 

Ignoring social media promotion

Social media promotion is an aspect of marketing that has slowly entered the area of digital marketing. Some businesses were stubborn into creating accounts for their websites on social media as they perceived it to be for entertaining purposes only. They created a perfectly-optimized website but have no presence on social media because of that one belief. 

Let us see the real-life scenario. 

Scenario 3 

  1. You have identified your primary keywords, then you have optimized your website to it. You have also avoided the second mistake we presented in this article and have made your website mobile user-friendly. But there is one element missing. You do not have any account representing your company on Facebook, Instagram, X or TikTok. 

💡 Why is this wrong? 

It is absolutely important that you expand your presence on all the social media platforms that are trending at the moment because this way you get exposure, and more people know about you. As per Google’s data, Gen Z uses Instagram and TikTok to search up for things more than Google itself. That being said, if you are present on these apps, you will make an appearance once people search for keywords related to you. If not, you will not and you will miss out on exposure and reach. 

To conclude, if you are looking to improve your SEO and overall presence in the digital world, try to avoid the mistakes discussed in this article. You can thank us later! 😉

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