Power of Instagram Influencers: How to Partner for Success

Power of Instagram Influencers: How to Partner for Success

With most businesses actively investing in influencer marketing, it is hard to underestimate the rising power of social proof for brand promotion. Instagram is by far the most rewarding platform for collaboration with influencers, with the highest ROI on influencer posts. Even though YouTube and TikTok are worthy competition for the same title, Instagram beats the other sites in sheer number of users and engagement levels. 

But this does not mean that brands can pick just any influencer and wait for sales to go up. Influencer marketing is a two-way street—without mutually beneficial, creative collaboration, campaigns will never stand a chance of driving engagement or boosting brand awareness. 

Below, we will discuss a few tips for partnering with the right influencers, effective marketing strategies, and a few Instagram influencer campaigns that can inspire your brand to success.

Top Tips to Make Instagram Influencer Marketing Work

Find Influencers that Align with Brand Values

This is the cornerstone of successful marketing on any platform, especially on Instagram, which is heavily populated by GenZ users. Most influencer marketing posts are skewered towards this demographic, and even though the generation has not reached its full buying potential, 1 in 3 Zoomers have already purchased from brands that rely on influencer promotion. 

However, the mobile-native generation of users can spot a digital lie from a mile away, and they focus on brand values above everything else. It’s important to search for influencers whose message can align with your brand and who will be genuinely interested in promoting your message.

Before reaching out to any user with a large following, monitor the influencer’s posts for a while — preferably across several social sites. You can also contact influencers directly over a platform you want to collaborate with, but it’s better to use an email finding tool to contact them directly. This will show the content creator that the brand is serious about collaboration and cares enough to make an extra effort. 

Leverage the Power of Several Digital Channels 

Instagram is the obvious choice for influencer marketing, but the most successful brands combine several channels in their promotional efforts. As already mentioned, YouTube and TikTok approach Instagram in their ‘influencing’ power. So, if your audience is active on these sites, too, consider adding these platforms to your to-do list. 

Here, the budget should not act as a limiting factor because nano influencers are the best choice for brands — users with 1,000-10,000 followers generate the most targeted engagement and do not charge too much for their sponsored posts. 

Speak about Relevant Issues 

Another winning strategy that pays off well and heavily relies on close collaboration with Instagram influencers. Brands willing to discuss pressing, often controversial issues can build closer relationships with their followers and inspire more shares. For example, many beauty brands actively discard the concept of ‘perfect body’ (more on that later), promoting positivity and inclusion instead.

Many influencers can relate to this message and will happily share it with their followers. This, once again, leads us to the most important point of influencer marketing — brands need to build authentic relationships with their followers, which also implies building the same relationship with influencers and brand ambassadors. 

Comply with Legal Regulations

Influencer marketing is an evolving area, so there are few legal regulations to speak of. Still, as the digital promotion sphere evolves, so do its rules. A lot will depend on the location and the product/message specifics, but brands will be wise to avoid any topics that may qualify as harassment or abuse.

Also, it’s important to keep the sponsored posts transparent — if the goal is gaining your audience’s trust, full disclosure is the only way. Most Instagram users welcome collaboration between brands and influencers, so there is no need for tricks anyway. 

Influencer Campaigns that Generated Plenty of Buzz

Now that we’ve cleared up the top things brands need to know about successful collaboration with Instagram influencers, let’s take a look at a few inspiring campaigns to get your creative juices flowing. 

H&M Holiday Line Promotion

When it comes to digital marketing, H&M is one of those brands that creatively combine different strategies to achieve the highest results. H&M has been successfully using the power of influencer marketing since its early days. A particularly impressive campaign example included a total of 24 posts from four influencers — spread across Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

The goal was to promote an upcoming holiday clothes line, and six ‘teaser’ posts from each of the four influencers onboard generated millions of views across all platforms. Instagram, expectedly, drove the most engagement from each influencer, inspiring over a million likes, comments, and shares in total.

One of the reasons for such a resounding success with such a minimal effort from content creators is that all videos followed the ‘teaser’ logic without unveiling any ‘CTAs.’ A few days after humorous videos with influencers showcasing different clothes without mentioning what the fuss is about, H&M went public with their new line. This helped generate suspense before the official ‘launch,’ eventually driving sales and boosting brand awareness. 

Dove Body Positivity Consistent Branding

Dove has been promoting body positivity since 2004, and the brand’s consistent messaging has been paying off ever since. The company regularly engages with new influencers and brand ambassadors to spread its message further. In 2022, Dove won one of its most recent awards for promoting body positivity through influencer marketing. 

One of the reasons why Dove’s efforts pay off so well (and why the brand is unlikely to abandon this strategy) is that everyone can relate to this message. The concept of a perfect body and self-shame is a thing of the past, and every woman is happy to embrace herself with all her imperfections. 

Such messages tune into the most pressing, relevant issues and encourage mass sharing because they talk about things that matter to many people. 

Dunkin’ Unexpected Partnerships with Celebs

Dunkin’ bets on humor and unexpected partnerships, and this strategy works really well for the brand. In 2022, the major coffee & donut chain already generated a lot of buzz after teaming up with e.l.f., a US beauty and cosmetics company. The latter posted plenty of Dunkin’s donuts ‘glazed up’ under the “Glazed for Days” campaign that promoted both companies. 

In 2023, Dunkin’ partnered up with a famous rapper, Ice Spice. One of her hits, Munch, and Dunkin’s slogan, ‘America runs on Dunkin’, were creatively combined into ‘America runs on Munchkins.’ The video with the same name was presented during the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, which clearly caught the public’s eye. 

Dunkin’s strategy is so effective because the company is invested in entertaining and surprising its audience, which always works well on social media. And, surprising team-ups with different celebs help the brand to engage followers with the widest range of interests. 

Those are only some of the top examples of how brands can power up their marketing efforts through influencer collaboration. Businesses with clearly defined goals and values can always engage audiences through authentic influencer posts. Ultimately, it all goes down to how authentic the brand is — today’s digital noise promotes authenticity and consistent branding above everything else. 

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