Instagram Story Downloader

View and Download Instagram Stories for Free

Instagram story downloader is an online web based application that is used for downloading Instagram stories, reels videos and photos for free. It is not required to install any software or extension. The app is easily accessible from any devices and operating system like Android/iOS, Windows or Mac. All you need to use this tool is an Internet connection and a normal web-browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Why You Need to Use Instagram Story Downloader

Recently, Instagram story viewers and downloaders have taken over the social media trends. With over 700 million active users posting daily, Insta stories have become essential to the Instagram experience. IG stories are snapshots of people’s lives (active and disappear within 24 hours) that provide a more impulsive and open picture than regular updates. Instagram story viewer and downloader lets you drive into the Instagram stories of your favorite accounts without them ever knowing or being traced.

Instagram Reels Downloader

Instagram reels videos are very popular on this social network platform, and we often come across many useful videos that we want to save on our devices; that’s why our Instagram downloader was created! You can easily save & download any reels video from Instagram and save it on your device, which you can watch anytime later.

Anonymous Insta Stories Downloader

Like Snaptiktok (used for downloading tiktok videos), Instagram story downloader can help you download Instagram stories, photos or reel videos and save on your PC/mobilephone easily. You can download all from public accounts with very fast speed.

Online Instagram Photo Downloader

We all know that Instagram network has a lot of content, including videos, posts, hightlight etc but it is mostly famous for one main reason: photos & pictures via stories. Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t give users any option to download photos on local devices, even though both social networks are from META corp.

How to Use Instagram Story Downloader

That’s all; you have successfully used Instagram story downloader tool to download your favourite stories for later usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Instagram story downloader app is 100% free for personal use and there is no limit on personal usage.

Yes for sure! Instagram Story Downloader is 100% safe & secure. It doesn’t collect or store any personal information.

Yes you can view then download Instagram Stories, Reels Video easily.

Yes of couse. You can download bulk Instagram stories or reels videos without any limits.

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