Instagram Reels Dimensions 2023: Ratio, Sizes, Specs

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Instagram has completely altered the social media landscape by which information is disseminated and consumed. 

Instagram has given its users a new way to share their creativity with the world by introducing reels. 

Learn about the proportions of an Instagram reel, though, if you want to make one that’s visually appealing and compelling. 

The ratio, length, and other technical specifications of reels are included here. 

Delve further into these factors and take the best advice for making reels that get people talking. 

Maximize the potential of your reels if you’re an established video producer or just getting started.

The Aspect Ratio of Instagram Reels

Instagram reels’ aspect ratio describes the width-to-height ratio of a clip. In Instagram reels, the video’s width is 4 units, and the height is 5 units, or 4:5. 

When making reels, it’s crucial to maintain the original aspect ratio intact, as doing otherwise can lead to unsightly cropping or stretching of the video.

Users can either utilize the Instagram app’s in-app reels camera or another video editing application with a 4:5 aspect ratio output to produce reels that keep the aspect ratio. 

Preserving the original aspect ratio of the reel ensures that it will play back without any distortion or loss of quality.

The Size of Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are measured in terms of their pixel dimensions. Instagram reels should bе 1080 pixels wide and 1350 pixels tall at the very least. 

Users can either utilize the Instagram app’s in-built reels camera or another video editing tool, with the finished product needing to be 1080 pixels wide by 1350 pixels tall. 

Videos that are too small may appear pixelated or unclear when seen on the app, while videos that are too huge may take longer to upload and may use more bandwidth.

The Specs of Instagram Reels

Instagram reels Specifications refer to the technical parameters establishing the video’s overall quality. The reel’s specs include video quality, file type, and running time.

To make content visually appealing and engaging for your audience, you need to be familiar with the requirements of Instagram reels.

Instagram reels benefit most from a high-definition resolution of 1080 pixels so that your audience can enjoy your work in all its crisp, clear glory.

Instagram reels only accept videos in the MP4 format, which can be imported and edited in many other programs. 

Instagram reels can bе no longer than 60 seconds to prevent users from overwhelming their viewers with too much stuff.

Creating videos with a resolution of 1080 pixels in the MP4 codec is advised for higher engagement оn reels. Keeping the reel at 60 seconds helps to keep your audience’s attention and prevents them from becoming overwhelmed by lengthy videos.

Best Practices for Instagram Reels Dimensions

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you create Instagram reels that stand out:

  1. Plan your content: Before you start filming or editing, you must clearly know what you want tо create. Plan the theme, story, and visual style of your reel to ensure that it is cohesive and engaging.
  2. Film your Reel: Use the built-in reels camera on the Instagram app or a separate camera tо film your reel. Ensure that the aspect ratio is 4:5 and the resolution is 1080 pixels.
  3. Edit your Reel: Use a video editing tool to edit your reel and ensure that the final video is in MP4 format and 1080 pixels by 1350 pixels in size. You can also add music, effects, and text to enhance the visual appeal of your reel.
  4. Preview your Reel: Before uploading it, preview it to ensure it looks and sounds the way you want. Check the aspect ratio, size, and specs to ensure they meet the recommended standards.
  5. Upload your Reel: Once satisfied with it, upload it to Instagram and add a caption and hashtags tо increase its visibility.

You can create high-quality Instagram reels that are visually appealing and engaging to your audience. Have fun and be creative, and you’ll be well on your way to creating reels that stand out.


Instagram reels are a potent resource for making a video that is visually striking and emotionally engaging. 

You can make your Instagram reels stand out and attract more viewers by learning about the aspect ratio, size, and specs of Instagram reels. 

Start making Instagram reels that truly matter by letting your imagination run wild and your sense of humor shine through.


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