IG Story Viewer

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously Without Account

IG stories (short term for Instagram Stories) is a free web based app that allows you watch Instagram stories anonymously as well as downloading Instagram content (reels video, stories, photos) for free and without anyone knowing. Our tool is 100% anonymous and secure that you don’t need to login your account.

As our IG story viewer is 100% web-based app and online, so you don’t need to install any software or not require browser extension. IG stories viewer works on any popular devices like iPhone/iPad, SamSung tablet, desktop and supports all OS like Android/iOS, Windows/Linux/MAC. We have tested successful on the Instagram spying features using common web browsers as Chrome, Safari or Firefox. All is great for personal Instagram experience.

IG Stories Viewer - The Ultimate Way to Anonymous Instagram

The Instagram story is an in-app feature that allows us to post reels, photos or videos that automatically disappear within one day (24 hours). While Instagram platform offers detail insights into the identities of story viewers, and the same time that third-party app like IGStories viewer allows users to watch stories without being traced by account owner.

100% Anonymity - Safe and Secure

You can watch Instagram stories and posts with StoriesIG viewer, which is unrelated to your own account. The Instagram account poster can not see your data in their views statistics via logs.

No Login and No App Installation Required

There is no need to register an IG account to watch Instagram profile using IG Stories viewer. You also have the other options to view account IG stories, reels video and other public stuff without any software/extension installation.

Friendly User Interface Tool

The IG Stories viewer has an easy-to-use UI to spy IG profile anonymously. Stalking someone does not require any hard process. Just open the search box, type in the desired account name, and start spying securely.

How to Use IGStories Viewer

You’ll get full profile info including exact IG username, ID and other options to watch Instagram stories anonymously or download them locally in your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our tool does not require any registration and is entirely free. You can use our StoriesIG tool at anytime for free.

No. IG Stories viewer is an online web-based app that you can use without installing any software or app. You can use our tool free and it is safe 100%. 

Yes you can view and download Instagram Reels as well as Photos easily using IG Stories viewer app.

Yes of couse. You can use a computer or mobile to watch Instagram stories anonymously. All you need is a internet connection and the username of the person you want to view profile. Our tool is compatible with many devices, including computers, tablets, iPhones/ipad, and Androids.

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