How to Use Instagram Spy Apps to Safeguard Your Loved Ones

How to Use Instagram Spy Apps to Safeguard Your Loved Ones

It is hard to find a person who does not have an Instagram page nowadays. Well, it may be your grandma, but even in this case, we (and you) cannot be sure. Maybe she has a page you do not know about. Anyway, we are no agists, so it does not actually matter, as a desire to safeguard your loved ones is natural, and internet safety is one of the cornerstones of life in the XXI century.

Why Is Instagram Safety Important?

It is widely known that people are different: some may be kind and understanding, while others are mean and toxic. Oh, how great it would have been if everyone was only nursing positive emotions around them. But it is only a dream. Anyway, here are the main reasons to use an Instagram spy app to ensure one’s safety:

  • lots of swindlers do their business on the internet, trying or experimenting with different ways to steal people’s money;
  • teenagers can be very cruel, commenting on one’s weight, appearance, skin color, or generally bullying your kid;
  • unfortunately, internet anonymity makes it possible for pedophiles and perverts to do their business there.

Now that we know what we can expect from people online, let’s check what we can do to protect our loved ones. Luckily, there are several methods.

Different Ways to Safeguard Loved Ones on Instagram

Unfortunately, it is hard to explain to a teenager and even an adult person why it is important for you to monitor their Instagram page, so an anonymous Insta spy is a great solution in many cases. However, not the best one!

The Best Method to Ensure Safety on Instagram

Nothing can happen to you on Instagram if you do not have an Instagram page. Of course, it is hard to go against society and modern trends, but people who do not create Instagram accounts will definitely not be bullied there.

Use Glassagram

Glassagram is an Instagram spy app with a convenient and simple web interface that does not require you to have your own Insta page to track someone’s. The only thing you must know is their Instagram profile name or a link to their page, which should not be a problem if it is a close person. It allows spying on public and private profiles on Instagram.

So, with the help of Glassagram, you will be able to do the following:

  • monitor stories;
  • monitor posts and comments under them;
  • track reels a person posts on Insta;
  • see likes under the posted content.

If you wonder how it works and if you need to install it – do it no more: it is extremely simple to operate and does not require any installation or other specific tricks. After registering with the service, you must paste the page name or link into the corresponding field on the website, give it some time to gather all the information, and share it with you.

Stories, posts, and everything else are stored on Glassagram’s cloud for up to 3 months, however, if you feel that it is a very important piece of information, you can simply download it on your device and keep it there forever.


uMobix is often called the best Instagram spy app, and it totally deserves this title. This app can be installed on Android and Apple devices and provides you with top-notch monitoring of all the activity on the device:

  • calls and call logs;
  • SMS messages;
  • social networks;
  • location;
  • browser activity.

The way how uMobix works on different platforms varies. Those who want to track Instagram activity on an Apple device can, first of all, install it remotely via iCloud, and secondly, it gives you full access to the target Insta page as if it is your own. If it is an Android – the installation must be done manually, and then all tracking is done with the help of screenshots.

No matter the target platform, the uMobix online dashboard is the page you must add to your bookmarks, as screenshots and Insta page control will be available from there.

One last thing to know about uMobix is that you can request a free trial from the support service. It will allow you to use the app for 2 days and understand if you want to purchase the subscription ($49.99/month or $12.49/month if you choose a yearly plan).


Does it make sense to create a fake Insta page to safeguard my loved ones?

You can create a fake page and monitor what is happening on the target Insta page, but first of all, it does not give you access to DMs (unlike uMobix), and secondly, your target can simply make their page private. Thus, it is safer to use an Instagram spy app.

What Instagram spy app should I choose?

Well, uMobix is claimed to be the best Instagram spy app on many review websites, but you should also consider whether you can install it on the target device or would better use an online Instagram viewer like Glassagram. There are also many other phone spy apps that work very similarly to uMobix and usually cost the same (or almost), so you may consider them as well (SpyBubble or Cocospy, for instance).

Is it legal to use a phone spy?

Legal questions are always tricky, and in this case, it is usually legally safe to use phone trackers. You should better consult with your local rules, but generally, if you are doing it to ensure one’s online safety – you should be fine.

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