How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord

Since its release, Discord has become a go-to for text, audio, and video chat among gamers, communities, and friends. Online contacts have become increasingly widespread, but with that comes a greater likelihood of disagreements and confrontations amongst users. 

You can deal with these issues by blocking the offending user, preventing them from sending you further messages or notifications. But it’s unclear how to check if you’ve been blocked on Discord. 

Especially if the user doesn’t explain, it can be an irritating and perplexing encounter. Go over the signifying indicators that someone has blocked you on Discord, methods for verifying this, and advice for moving forward if you find yourself in this predicament.

When you know how to check if you’ve been blocked on Discord, you can handle your online interactions more smoothly and prevent awkward miscommunications.

Signs that indicate someone has blocked you on Discord

Here are the signs that indicate someone has blocked you on Discord:

  1. Messages not being delivered: If you try to send a message to someone who has blocked you on Discord, it will not be delivered. You may see a red exclamation mark next to the message, indicating that it was not sent.
  2. Inability to view their profile: If you try to access someone’s profile who has blocked you, you will not bе able to view their information or activity. Their name and profile picture will be replaced with a generic gray icon.
  3. Absence in server lists: If you were previously in servers with the user who has blocked you, their name would no longer appear in the member list or channel list. You cannot see their activity or messages on those servers.
  4. Lack of recent activity on Discord: If the user who has blocked you has not been active on Discord recently, it may be a sign that they have blocked you оr left the platform altogether.
  5. Mutual server absence: If you and the user who has blocked you were both on the same server but are no longer present, it may indicate that they have blocked you.
  6. Direct calls not going through: If you try to call someone who has blocked you on Discord, the call will not go through. You may see a message that says “No route” or “Failed to start a call.”

Other factors to consider before assuming someone has blocked you

Before assuming that someone has blocked you on Discord, there are a few other factors to consider:

  1. User’s status: If the user has set their status to “Invisible” or “Do Not Disturb,” you may be unable to see their profile or send them messages, even if they have not blocked you.
  2. User’s privacy settings: If the user has changed their privacy settings, it may limit who can send them messages, view their profile, or join their servers. Check if the user’s privacy settings have changed before assuming they have blocked you.
  3. User’s device оr internet connection: If the user is experiencing issues with their device or internet connection, they may not be able to receive messages or respond to calls. They may not intentionally block you but cannot communicate due to technical issues.

How to confirm if someone has blocked you on Discord

If you want to confirm if someone has blocked you on Discord, here are a few methods to try:

1. Creating a new account to check if the user is still active:

    • Create a new Discord account with a different email address and username.
    • Search for the user you suspect has blocked you on the new account.
    • If you can see the user’s profile and recent activity, they have likely blocked your original account.

2. Contacting mutual friends or server administrators:

    • Reach out to mutual friends or server administrators who may have access tо the user’s profile or server activity.
    • Ask them to confirm if the user is still active or if they have blocked you.

3. Using third-party Discord bots or websites:

    • Some third-party Discord bots and websites can help you determine if someone has blocked you.
    • Look for a reputable and reliable bot or website and follow their instructions tо check if someone has blocked you.

4. Reaching out to Discord’s support team:

    • If you are still uncertain, contact Discord’s support team for assistance.
    • Submit a support ticket explaining the situation and ask if they can help you confirm whether you have been blocked.

What to do if someone has blocked you on Discord

If someone has blocked you on Discord, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Respect their decision: If someone has chosen to block you, do not try to contact them through other means or create new accounts to circumvent the block.
  2. Reflect on your behavior: If you are not sure why someone has blocked you, take some time to reflect on your behavior and interactions with them. Consider if you said or did anything that may have caused them to block you.
  3. Apologize and make amends: If you realize you may have said or done something that caused the block, consider apologizing and making amends. If possible, reach out tо the person through a different platform or in person, and apologize for any hurt or harm you may have caused.
  4. Move on: If the person has blocked you and you cannot communicate with them, move on and focus on other relationships and interactions on Discord. Join new servers or connect with other friends to help mitigate feelings of isolation or frustration.
  5. Report harassment or abuse: If the person who has blocked you has engaged in harassment or abuse, report the behavior to Discord’s support team. Provide any evidence or documentation you may have, and allow the support team to investigate and take appropriate action.


Being blocked on Discord is annoying, but acting maturely and respectfully in response is crucial. You can find a productive route through the scenario if you consider other elements affecting communication, use methods to confirm a barrier, and then take the necessary steps to proceed. 

Always prioritizing nice and constructive interactions with people on Discord and elsewhere is highly encouraged.

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