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Instagram continues to develop and provide new functions for its users. An example is Instagram’s new full Reel function, which enables users to post longer, more in-depth videos to their Stories. Sharing your ideas, showcasing your ability, or giving your fans a deeper insight into your life is easy when you use full Reels. 

Find out the ins and outs of posting a full Reel to your Instagram Story and offer advice on making the most of it. Let’s jump in and find out how to post full Reels to Instagram Stories.

Step-by-Step Guide on Sharing Full Reels on Instagram Story

It’s easy to upload a whole reel to your Instagram Story, but there are a few guidelines you should stick to. You have to make the full Reel. 

You can either make a new video or pick one from your existing library. When you have the raw footage, you may use the Instagram app’s editing features to refine it. When you’ve finished editing and are satisfied with the video, click the “Full Reel” button.

Head to your Instagram profile, hit “Add to Story,” and choose your freshly minted Full Reel. The Reel can be further personalized by adding text, stickers, etc. When you’re ready to share your full Reel on Instagram, tap the “Share” button.

Your Instagram Story full Reel will have the greatest impact if you pick a topic that people will find intriguing and engaging; keep the Reel brief and to the point, and include striking images and motion effects. Using music or sound effects as a backdrop can also add depth to your full Reel, making it more interesting and memorable to the viewer.

Tips for Maximizing the Impact of Your Full Reel on Instagram Story

  1. Create a Full Reel: a. Record or choose a video from your camera roll. b. Edit the video аs desired using the various tools available within the Instagram app. c. Select the “Full Reel” option to create the Full Reel.
  2. Share the Full Reel on your Instagram Story: a. Go to your Instagram profile. b. Tap the “Add to Story” button. c. Choose the Full Reel you created. d. Customize the Reel with text, stickers, or other elements as desired. e. Hit the “Share” button to post your Full Reel on your Instagram Story.
  3. Maximize the Impact of Your Full Reel on Instagram Story: a. Choose an interesting and engaging subject for your Reel. b. Keep the Reel short and to the point. c. Use eye-catching visuals and animations. d. Consider adding background music or sound effects.

With a little creativity and effort, you’ll be able to create full Reels that your followers will love.


Instagram Stories is a fantastic platform for sharing full-length reels with your followers and expanding your following. Boost your account’s activity and attract more viewers by giving your full Reels a unique twist with only a little effort and imagination. 

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