How To Send GIFs On Snapchat Chat And Snaps

With Snapchat, you can send and receive instant messages, make video calls, and share photos and videos with your pals.

One of the most popular features of Snapchat is the ability to use GIFs in chats and snaps. 

GIFs, or short animations, can add a fun and dynamic element to your conversations and snaps. They can be used to express emotions, share a reaction, or simply add some humor. 

Find out how to use the Snapchat GIF library, how to add GIFs to your conversations and snaps, and some advanced techniques for sending GIFs on Snapchat.

Sending GIFs in Chat

Sending GIFs in a Snapchat chat is a great way to add fun and personality to conversations. 

Here’s how to do it:

A. How to access the GIF library: To access the GIF library on Snapchat, open a chat with a friend and tap on the “sticker” icon located at the bottom of the screen. You will see various options, including the “GIF” option. Tap on “GIF” to access the library of available GIFs.

B. Sending a GIF in a chat: Tap on it to send it to your friend. The GIF will appear in the chat, and your friend will be able to see it and respond.

C. Adding GIFs to chat with Bitmoji: Another way to send GIFs in the chat is by using Bitmoji. Bitmoji is a feature that allows you to create a cartoon version of yourself, which you can use in various ways on Snapchat. To use Bitmoji in a chat, make sure you have it enabled on your Snapchat account. Then, open a chat and tap on the “sticker” icon. You will now see the option to add a Bitmoji sticker tо the chat. You can then browse through the available Bitmoji stickers, which include GIFs.

You can easily send GIFs in a Snapchat chat, adding a fun and dynamic element to your conversations.

Sending GIFs in Snaps

You can add them to your snaps on Snapchat. 

Here’s how:

A. How to access the GIF library in Snaps: To add a GIF to а snap, first take a photo or video as you normally would. Then, tap on the “sticker” icon on the screen’s bottom. You will see the “GIF” option. Tap on it to access the library of available GIFs.

B. Adding a GIF to a Snap: Once you’ve found a GIF you like, just tap on it and place it on your snap by dragging and dropping it to the desired location. Resize and rotate the GIF by pinching or twisting it with two fingers.

C. Creating a GIF Snap: Snapchat also allows you to create your GIFs by recording a short video and converting it into a GIF. To do this, click оn the “GIF” option in the sticker menu as before, but this time, click on the “Recording” icon located at the top of the screen. Record a video of up to 10 seconds and tap on the “Create GIF” button. You will be prompted to add a caption, and the GIF will be added to your snap.

Advanced Tips

A. How to save a GIF to use again: If you’ve found а GIF you like, you can save it to use again. To do this, simply click and hold on to the GIF in the library and select the “Save” option. The GIF will be added to your “Saved” section, which can be accessed by tapping on the “Sticker” icon and then the “Saved” tab.

B. How to create your custom GIFs: You can also create your custom GIFs by recording a video and converting it into a GIF. Click оn the “Sticker” icon and then the “GIF” option. Tap on the “Recording” icon at the top of the screen and select the video you want to convert. Add a caption, and tap “Create GIF” to add it to your library.

C. How to find the best GIFs: If you’re looking for the best GIFs on Snapchat, there are a few ways to find them. One way is to browse through the “Trending” section, which shows the most popular GIFs. Search for specific keywords or phrases in the search bar at the top оf the GIF library. You can also discover new GIFs by browsing through the different categories, such as “Reactions” or “Celebrities.”


Sending GIFs on Snapchat chat and snaps is а great way to add fun and personality to conversations. 

Access the GIF library, add GIFs to your chats and snaps, and even create custom GIFs. 

Using the advanced tips provided, you can save your favorite GIFs, discover new ones, and make your Snapchat experience more personalized and enjoyable. 


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