How to Send a Hyperlink in Discord

How to Send a Hyperlink in Discord

Discord has rapidly risen in popularity as a means of communication and collaboration for online communities, businesses, and gamers. Sending hyperlinks to one another is one of the various ways in which members of Discord can collaborate and share information, resources, and media. Emailing hyperlinks can be a little perplexing if you’re unfamiliar with Discord or the process. Examine how to share links in Discord on your computer and mobile device. 

The most prevalent concerns with hyperlinks will also be addressed, along with solutions. 

Understanding Hyperlinks in Discord

You will be taken to a new web page, document, or file when you click on a hyperlink. Hyperlinks are frequently used to send readers to complementary material or to expand on a given subject. 

They can also connect to downloadable items like PDFs and ZIP archives or share media like photos and videos.

Discord’s version of hyperlinks is functionally identical to their web-based counterparts. Sending a hyperlink in Discord will render it a clickable image, which recipients can then use to navigate to the connected page. Some links may launch the Discord app, while others may take you to an external browser.

Discord will automatically transform any text into a clickable link if it contains a hyperlink, even if the text is not written as a link. Discord will automatically format a website address (such as www.google.com) that you type into a chat as a link. 

This eliminates the need for visitors to the site to copy and paste the URL into their browsers. They can just click on the link to go directly to the destination.

Sending a Hyperlink in Discord

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to send a hyperlink in Discord:

  1. Open the Discord app and navigate to the chat where you want to send the hyperlink.
  2. Type out the hyperlink in the chat. Include the full address, including the http or https prefix. For example, to send a link to Google, type out “https://www.google.com.”
  3. Once you’ve typed out the link, Discord will automatically format it as a hyperlink, which will bе underlined and clickable.
  4. If you want to preview the hyperlink before sending it, you can hover your mouse over the link to see a preview of the webpage or media.
  5. If you’re sending a link to a file, such аs a PDF or ZIP file, you may need to upload the file to Discord first. To do this, click on the “+” button next to the chat box and select “Upload File.” Select the file you want to upload and click “Open.” 
  6. If you prefer to use the hyperlink button in the formatting toolbar, you can click оn the hyperlink button (which looks like a chain link icon) and paste the link into the “URL” field. Add a title for the hyperlink in the “Title” field, which will appear when users hover over the link. Click “Save” to add the hyperlink to the chat.

You can easily send hyperlinks to Discord to share information, resources, and media with other users.

Troubleshooting Hyperlink Issues

Here are some common issues that users may encounter when sending hyperlinks in Discord and how to troubleshoot them:

  1. Broken links: If you’ve typed out a link or copied and pasted a link into Discord and it’s not clickable or leads to an error page, the link may bе broken. To fix this, check the link to ensure it’s spelled correctly and includes the correct prefix (e.g., HTTP or https). The website or file may be down or no longer available if the link is not working.
  2. Formatting issues: Discord automatically formats hyperlinks to make them clickable, but sometimes the formatting may not work properly. The link may not bе underlined or clickable, or the formatting may be off. Try copying and pasting the link again, or use the hyperlink button in the formatting toolbar to manually format the link.
  3. Long links: If you’re sending a long link, such аs a URL with many parameters or a complex file path, the link may not display properly in Discord. Use a link shortener, such as bit.ly, to create a shorter, more readable link that users can easily click.
  4. Preview issues: Sometimes, the link preview may not display properly in Discord, оr the preview may not include the correct image or description. Try pasting the link again or manually adding an image and description using Open Graph tags.

You can quickly fix common hyperlink issues in Discord and ensure that your links are properly formatted and clickable for other users.


Sharing links in Discord is a breeze that can be achieved in a few easy steps. If you’re familiar with how Discord’s hyperlinks function, you can quickly and easily distribute links to useful content to other users. 

You may do several things if you’re having difficulties sending hyperlinks so that the sent links work when the recipient clicks on them.

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