How To See What Someone Comments On Instagram

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Instagram is a powerful social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos, connect with friends and family, and discover new content.

 It’s a great tool for building relationships, managing your brand, and even growing your business. 

One feature that can be particularly useful is the ability to see what someone comments on Instagram. 

With this information, you can gain insight into a person’s interests, engage in conversations, and make new connections.

 Find out how to see what someone comments on Instagram, including tips on using this information for your personal or professional goals. 

Step 1: Following the Person

  This simple process can be done by searching for the person’s username or profile name in the search bar at the top of the Instagram app.

 Once you find their profile, click the “Follow” button to receive updates on their activity.

To see someone’s comments, you must follow them. If you still need to follow the person, you’ll need to do so before you can proceed to the next steps. You should also be aware that if the account is private, you must request to follow and wait for acceptance.

Step 2: Viewing the Person’s Profile

Click on the person’s name or profile picture on your Instagram feed to do this. This will take you to their profile, where you can see all of their recent posts and their bio, location, and contact information.

You can find the option ‘Following‘ and ‘Followers‘ by clicking on the number of followers. It will show you the list of accounts the person is following and the list of people following them.

Step 3: Viewing the Person’s Comments

You can view their comments bу scrolling through their posts. To see the comments on a specific post, simply tap on the post to open it.

You’ll see the comments section at the bottom, where you can view the person’s comments.

You can see comments on other people’s posts that the person you’re following has commented оn. Click on the person’s name in a comment, and it will take you to their profile. Then click on the “Followers” or “Following” option to see the list of accounts they are following or being followed.

 Instagram’s algorithm will affect what comments you see. 

Instagram may prioritize certain comments based on factors such as the number of likes or the relevance of the comment to the post. 

You may not see all the comments the person has made.

Tips for Using this Information

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this feature:

  1. Use this information for social media management: By seeing what someone comments on Instagram, you can gain insight into their interests and engage in relevant conversations. It can be especially useful if you’re managing a business or personal brand, as it can help you tailor your content to your audience and foster deeper connections with your followers.
  2. Use this information for personal or professional relationship building: Seeing what someone comments on Instagram can also help you build personal оr professional relationships. By joining conversations and engaging with people on topics that interest them, you can create a sense of camaraderie and establish deeper connections.
  3. Use this information for marketing or advertising purposes: Knowing what someone comments оn Instagram can also be useful for marketing and advertising purposes. By learning the interests of your target audience, you can create more effective ad campaigns and increase your chances of reaching the right people.


 We’ve explained the specific procedures for following someone on Instagram, reading their profile, and seeing their comments. We’ve also talked about how you might use this knowledge for your own personal or professional objectives, like marketing or advertising, relationship-building, and social media management.

To see someone’s comments оn Instagram. You must be following them, and also that Instagram’s algorithm will affect what comments you see. Using this information ethically and respecting the person’s privacy is important.

Knowing how to see what someone comments on Instagram can be a valuable tool for achieving your goals on the platform. Whether managing your brand, building relationships, оr growing your business, this feature can help you better understand your audience and create more effective content and campaigns.

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