How To See Someone’s Birthday On Snapchat

Users can send snaps and chat with pals on the popular social media site Snapchat. Birthdays are an important event. By sending them snaps, you may wish a friend a happy birthday on Snapchat.

But first, you must be aware of their birthday. We’ll show you how to look up someone’s Snapchat birthday.

On Snapchat, you may view your friend’s birthday details and plan a special and imaginative celebration. So let’s get going!

Step 1: Adding friends on Snapchat

Adding friends on Snapchat is a detailed process that requires you to search for their usernames or scan their Snapcode. 

Once you’ve added them as friends, you can access their profiles and see important information about them, including their birthdays.

Add your friends on Snapchat because birthday celebrations are one of the ways to strengthen relationships and show your friends that you care. Knowing your friend’s birthday, you can send them snaps, greetings, and wishes to make their day special.

Step 2: Finding someone’s birthday on Snapchat

So, you’ve added your friends on Snapchat, and the next step in seeing someone’s birthday is to find their profile. On Snapchat, you can access a friend’s profile by swiping right on their name in your friends list or by searching for their name in the search bar.

When you’re on your friend’s profile, you can see various information about them, including their Bitmoji, username, display name, and birthday. The birthday information on Snapchat is typically displayed as the month and day, sо you’ll know when to celebrate their special day.

Step 3: Celebrating someone’s birthday on Snapchat

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app оn your device.

Step 2: Select your friend’s name in your friends list to access their profile. Alternatively, you can search for their name in the search bar to find their profile.

Step 3: Once you’re on your friend’s profile, scroll down to find their birthday information, which is usually displayed as the month and day.

Step 4: To celebrate your friend’s birthday on Snapchat, you have several options, including:

  • Sending a birthday snap: You can take a photo оr video and add filters, lenses, and stickers to make it special for your friend’s birthday.
  • Sending a birthday chat: You can send a chat to your friend wishing them a happy birthday and sending them love and good wishes.
  • Sending a birthday Story: You can add a birthday snap tо your Story and let all your friends know that you’re celebrating your friend’s special day.

Step 5: After you’ve sent your birthday snap, chat, оr Story, sit back and wait for your friend’s response. They will likely appreciate your birthday wishes and the effort you made to make their day special.


Finding and celebrating someone’s birthday on Snapchat is a straightforward process that requires adding them аs a friend, accessing their profile, and using various features like snaps, chats, and Stories to show your appreciation. You can make your friend’s birthday special and memorable on Snapchat.

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