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Instagram has quickly become the go-to service for people who want to show off their photography and videography to their pals and fans. Instagram is now able to handle audio content as well, thanks to the addition of features like music stickers and voice messaging. You may save audio from Instagram to listen to it later or share it with others, whether it’s a song you heard in someone’s post or a voice message you got. 

If you are unfamiliar with Instagram or don’t have the proper tools, saving audio from the app can be perplexing and time-consuming. For that reason, we’ve compiled this in-depth tutorial on recording and storing audio on Instagram. 

We’ll walk you through downloading audio from Instagram posts and stories, introduce you to the finest third-party programs for doing so, and advise you on keeping your downloaded files safe and well-organized.

Saving Instagram Audio through the App

Using Instagram itself is one of the simplest ways to store Instagram audio. Instagram’s in-app features include recording and storing audio alongside videos and images.

Follow these instructions to learn how to download audio from Instagram:

Launch the Instagram app and navigate the story to listen to the audio. You should listen to the audio for at least 15 seconds after it starts playing.

Snap a screenshot of the screen by going to the settings menu on your device. The audio file will be stored in your device’s camera roll with the screenshot.

Here’s how to capture sound from Instagram:

Launch Instagram and navigate to the specific post with the embedded audio. You should listen to the audio for at least 15 seconds after it starts playing.

Snap a screenshot of the screen by going to the settings menu on your device. The audio file will be stored in your device’s camera roll along with the screenshot.

Here are some helpful hints for downloading music from Instagram:

Please activate your device’s audio. Make that the complete audio recording is captured by playing it again for at least 15 seconds.

Instead of clicking the “Save” or “Download” option, just take a snapshot of the audio. 

Saving Instagram Audio through Third-Party Tools

Using a third-party tool to preserve Instagram audio can be a faster and more convenient alternative. While the Instagram app is capable of capturing audio, there are a number of third-party applications available that make it simple to save Instagram audio and provide many benefits over the Instagram app itself.

Advantages of using third-party tools:

Method of an audio recording that is both quicker and more productive. The ability to download several audio posts simultaneously.

Don’t bother with recording the whole thing or taking screenshots. It’s possible to download music on a personal account.

Popular third-party tools for saving Instagram audio:

  • InstaStory
  • InstaSaver
  • Instagram’s InstaSave
  • Snappy Instagram Save

Step-by-step guide for using third-party tools:

Select the third-party app that will serve your purposes the best. To use, simply save the file to your computer or mobile device.

Launch the program and sign into Instagram. Locate the audio story or post you wish to download and select the corresponding “Download” or “Save” option.

You can choose to have the audio file saved to your device’s gallery or to a specific location within the program itself. Saving Instagram audio is as easy as utilizing a third-party program. 

These tools can make it simple to save a single audio post or a group of audio posts at once.

Best Practices for Saving Instagram Audio

The Instagram audio you’ve downloaded should be well-organized and safe. Audio files can bе stored safely, conveniently accessed, and safeguarded from data loss or corruption with the help of the correct tools and approaches. 

Here’s a step-by-step method for organizing and safeguarding your stored Instagram audio:

Step 1: Transfer Audio to a Computer

The best way to organize and safeguard the audio you’ve downloaded from Instagram on your phone is tо upload it to a computer. Copy and paste the audio files from your mobile device to the computer after connecting it to the PC through a USB cord.

Step 2: Create a Folder for Your Audio Files

After downloading the audio from Instagram to your computer, you need to make a new folder to hold all the recordings. Doing so will facilitate the maintenance of an easily accessible library of audio recordings.

Step 3: Backup Your Audio Files

Make a copy of your audio files just in case something happens to the originals. The audio files in your audio folder can be backed up by being copied and pasted to аn external hard drive or cloud storage service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step 4: Organize Your Audio Files

Create subfolders for your audio files based on the type of audio or the source to make it easier tо locate certain files (e.g., music from Instagram, voice messages from Instagram, etc.). The audio files you upload can be organized by adding categories and keywords.

Step 5: Use Audio Management Software

You should use audio management software to help you organize and safeguard your audio files. iTunes and Windows Media Player are only two examples of audio management software that may bе used to play and modify audio files and create playlists.


Saving Instagram audio is easy and can bе done using either the Instagram app or a third-party program. Move your saved audio files to a computer, back them up, and use audio management software to keep them well-organized and secure, regardless of how you choose to save them. 

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