How to Report a Discord Server

How to Report a Discord Server

Discord is a massively-used online forum for voice and text communications, with communities devoted to various topics and hobbies. Because of the growth of online communities, it is not unusual to come across Discord servers that break community norms and terms of service, leading to a poor user experience.

Report such servers to have them investigated and maybe shut down. We will serve as a thorough guide to reporting a Discord server, including information on the different types of violations that may be reported and the repercussions that can be expected. 

Types of Discord Server Violations

Several types of Discord server violations can be reported. Some of the most common types of violations include the following:

  1. Community Guidelines Violations: Discord’s community guidelines prohibit various behaviors that can be harmful or disruptive to the community. These include hate speech, harassment, spamming, sharing explicit content, and promoting or organizing illegal activities.
  2. Terms of Service Violations: Discord’s terms of service outline the acceptable use of the platform and prohibit behaviors such as sharing copyrighted material, using bots for spamming or engaging in other malicious activities, selling or buying accounts, and creating or using unauthorized third-party software.
  3. Other Violations: There may be other types of violations that are not explicitly outlined in Discord’s community guidelines or terms of service but are still inappropriate or disruptive to the community. These can include impersonating others, spreading false information, or creating a toxic or abusive atmosphere on the server.

Reporting a Discord Server

Here are the general steps to follow when reporting a Discord server:

  1. Identify the violation: Before reporting a server, you must identify the specific violation. This could violate Discord’s community guidelines, terms of service, оr other inappropriate behavior.
  2. Gather evidence: Collect evidence of the violation, such as screenshots, chat logs, or other relevant information that can help support your report. Make sure the evidence is clear and easy to understand.
  3. Report the server: You can report a server directly through Discord’s reporting system. To do this, go to the server you want to report, click on the server name, and then select “Report.” Follow the on-screen instructions to provide detailed information about the violation, including any evidence you have collected.
  4. Contact Discord Support: If you’re unable to report the server directly or need additional assistance, you can contact Discord’s support team for help. They will be able to guide you through the reporting process and provide further assistance if needed.
  5. Contact the Trust & Safety Team: If you believe the violation is severe or urgent, contact Discord’s Trust & Safety team directly. They will review your report and take appropriate action if necessary.

How Discord Handles Reports

Discord has a dedicated Trust & Safety team that reviews reports of server violations to ensure that the platform remains safe and welcoming for all users. Here’s a general overview of how Discord handles reports:

  1. Review process: If a report is received, the Trust & Safety team will review the report and any evidence provided tо determine if a violation has occurred. They may also conduct their investigation to gather additional information.
  2. Investigation: If the team finds that a violation has occurred, they may investigate the server and its members to determine the extent of the violation and whether additional action is necessary.
  3. Possible outcomes: Depending on the severity of the violation and the findings of the investigation, Discord may take one of several possible actions, such as:
  • No action: If the team finds that the reported behavior does not violate Discord’s guidelines оr terms of service, they may take no action.
  • Warning: If the team finds the behavior inappropriate but not severe enough to warrant immediate suspension or deletion, they may warn the server’s owner or members.
  • Server suspension: If the violation is severe, the team may suspend the server temporarily tо prevent further harm to the community.
  • Server deletion: The team may delete the server entirely if the violation is deemed extremely severe or harmful.
  1. Notification: Once a decision has been made, the Trust & Safety team will notify the server’s owner and members of any actions taken and the reason behind them.


Reporting a server is crucial to keeping the Discord community a friendly and secure place for everyone who uses it. Users may help keep the platform a safe and welcoming space for everyone by keeping an eye out for inappropriate behavior, collecting evidence, and reporting it appropriately. 

Malicious or inaccurate reports can hurt the community, and be as truthful as possible when reporting a server. 

Discord has a dedicated Trust & Safety team that reviews allegations of infractions and takes action as needed.

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