How to Mute a Snapchat Group

How to Mute a Snapchat Group

Snapchat is a well-liked social networking program for sending and receiving time-limited multimedia messages, such as images and videos. Snapchat’s Group Chats allow numerous users to converse in the same thread. Even though group chats are great for keeping in touch with friends and organizing get-togethers, the steady stream of alerts can get annoying after a while. 

If you need a break from a certain Group Chat but don’t want to leave the group altogether, muting the alerts can help. Learn how to silence a Snapchat Group and discuss other options for managing notifications so you can keep your Group Chats under control.

How to Mute a Snapchat Group

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to mute a Snapchat Group:

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your mobile device.
  2. From the home screen, swipe the right tо access the Friends screen.
  3. Scroll down tо find the Group Chat you want to mute and tap on it to open the Group Chat screen.
  4. On the Group Chat screen, locate the name of the group at the top of the screen.
  5. Tap and hold on to the Group name until a menu appears.
  6. In the menu that appears, tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  7. This will take you tо the Group Settings screen. Scroll down to the “Notification Settings” section.
  8. In the “Notification Settings” section, toggle on the “Do Not Disturb” switch.
  9. You can also choose how long you want to mute the notifications. Options include “1 hour,” “8 hours,” “24 hours,” оr “Until I turn it back on.”
  10. After selecting the desired mute duration, tap “Done” to save your changes.

You will no longer receive push notifications or sound alerts from this Group Chat, but you can still access the chat and receive messages whenever you want.

Alternatives to Muting a Snapchat Group

If muting a Snapchat Group isn’t the right solution for you, there are alternative ways to manage notifications for the group. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Adjust Notification Sounds: You can customize your phone’s sounds when you receive notifications from Snapchat. You can easily differentiate between individual and Group messages by assigning a different sound to Group Chats. 

To adjust notification sounds for a Group Chat, follow these steps:

a. Open the Group Chat you want to customize.

b. Tap on the Group name at the top of the screen to open the Group Settings.

c. Tap on “Custom Notification” and choose a unique sound for the Group Chat notifications.

2. Disable Specific Types of Notifications: You can also disable certain types of notifications for a Group Chat, such as sound or vibration alerts. 

This is useful if you want tо receive notifications but don’t want to be disturbed by the sound or vibration.

a. Open the Group Chat you want to customize.

b. Tap on the Group name at the top of the screen to open the Group Settings.

c. Scroll down to “Notification Settings” and choose which types of notifications you want tо receive. You can choose to disable sound, vibration, or both.

3. Leave the Group Chat: If you find that the Group Chat is no longer relevant to you or you’re simply tired of receiving notifications from it, you can leave it.

 To do so, follow these steps:

a. Open the Group Chat you want to leave.

b. Tap on the Group name аt the top of the screen to open the Group Settings.

c. Scroll down to “Leave Group” and tap on it. You will no longer receive notifications from this Group Chat and will be removed from the chat.

 Examine your options and go with the one that serves you best.


Enjoyable and interesting, Snapchat is a social media app for sharing photos and videos with friends and family. You can take a break from a particular Group Chat without quitting the group entirely by muting its notifications if you discover that the constant stream of alerts is becoming too much to handle. 

If muting isn’t the best option, you may also regulate notifications by changing their sounds, turning off certain notifications, or even leaving the group altogether. To get the most out of Snapchat, it’s best to experiment with the different notification settings available.

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