How to Increase Snapchat Score (Easy Guide)

Popular among social media users, Snapchat lets its users send each other photos, videos, and text messages.

 One of the features of the app is the “snap score,” which is a number that represents the total amount of interaction a user has had on the platform.

 Many users are interested in increasing their score as it can be a fun way to measure one’s engagement on the platform. 

Here are some tips and techniques for increasing your Snapchat scores, like sending snaps to your friends regularly, participating in challenges and events, using filters and lenses, and posting stories. 

Advanced approaches are also covered, such as employing third-party programs, numerous accounts, and streaks features.

Tips for increasing your score

A. Sending snaps to friends regularly 

One of the easiest ways to increase your score is to send snaps to your friends regularly.

 Each snap you send and receive counts towards your score, so the more snaps you send and receive, the higher your score will be. 


B. Participating in challenges and events 

It can be found in the app’s Discover section, including voting on polls, watching videos, or completing quizzes. 

Your score will increase each time you participate in a challenge or event. 

C. Using filters and lenses 

 These features allow you to add fun effects and animations to your snaps; each time you use one, your score will increase. 

D. Posting stories regularly

 Every story you post will count towards your score, so the more stories you post, the better your score.

 E. Adding friends аnd interacting with them 

 Don’t be afraid to reach out and connect with other users on the platform.

You may improve your score and have fun on the platform by sending snaps to your friends on a regular basis, engaging in challenges and events, applying filters and lenses, writing tales on a regular basis, and adding and communicating with friends.

 It’s not all about having a high score. It’s just а fun way to measure your engagement on the platform, so don’t be too obsessed with it.

Advanced techniques

A. Using third-party apps to boost your score 

1. Search for apps specifically designed to increase your Snapchat score 

2. Download and install the app on your device 

3. Log in to your Snapchat account through the app 

4. Choose the desired number of points you want to add to your score 

5. Confirm the action and wait for the points tо be added to your score 

B. Using multiple accounts to increase your score 

1. Create multiple Snapchat accounts using different email addresses and phone numbers 

2. Add your main account as a friend on each оf the secondary accounts 

3. Use each account to send snaps, post stories, and interact with your main account 

4. Repeat this process for each secondary account to increase your score 

C. Using Snapchat’s “streaks” feature 

1. Find a friend on Snapchat and open a chat with them 

2. Send a snap to your friend, and make sure they open it 

3. Repeat this process for consecutive days, and you will establish a “streak.” 

By using third-party apps, multiple accounts, and Snapchat’s “streaks” feature, you can give your score a significant boost. 


Increasing your Snapchat score can be a fun way tо measure your engagement on the platform. 

By sending snaps to friends regularly, participating in challenges and events, using filters and lenses, posting stories regularly, adding friends and interacting with them, using third-party apps, creating multiple accounts, and using Snapchat’s “streaks” feature, you can boost your score. 

 Also, be aware that using third-party apps and creating multiple accounts can be against the terms of service of Snapchat and may lead to your account being suspended or banned. 

So, use these techniques at your own risk and read the terms of service carefully before proceeding.

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