How To Get Subscribers On Snapchat

how to get subscribers on snapchat

Snapchat is a popular social media platform that has gained immense popularity in recent years. As a content creator or marketer, having a strong following on Snapchat can be incredibly valuable. However, building a strong following on the platform can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to Snapchat.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best practices for getting subscribers on Snapchat. We’ll cover everything from creating an engaging profile and posting consistently to collaborating with other users and using influencer marketing. By the end of this post, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to grow your following on Snapchat and keep your subscribers engaged with your content. So, let’s get started!

Create an Engaging Profile

Creating an engaging profile is one of the most important steps to getting more subscribers on Snapchat. Here are some tips to help you create a profile that will attract and retain followers:

  1. Use a Clear and Attractive Display Name: Your display name is the first thing people will see when they come across your profile. Make sure it’s clear, easy to remember, and reflects your brand or personality.
  2. Choose a Compelling Profile Picture: Your profile picture is the visual representation of your brand or personality on Snapchat. Use a high-quality image that’s visually appealing and on-brand.
  3. Craft a Catchy Bio: Your bio is an opportunity to provide a brief summary of who you are, what you do, and why people should follow you. Keep it short and to the point, and use engaging language that speaks to your target audience.
  4. Add Contact Details: Make it easy for people to get in touch with you by adding your contact details to your profile. Include your email address or other relevant contact information.
  5. Share Your Unique Selling Proposition: What sets you apart from other Snapchat users? Share your unique selling proposition in your profile to give people a reason to follow you.

Remember, your profile is your first impression on Snapchat. Make sure it’s visually appealing, engaging, and reflects your brand or personality. With a strong profile, you’ll be well on your way to gaining more subscribers on Snapchat.

Post Regularly and Consistently

Posting regularly and consistently is essential to growing your following on Snapchat. Here are some tips to help you establish a consistent posting schedule:

  1. Set a Posting Schedule: Decide how often you want to post on Snapchat and stick to a schedule. Whether it’s once a day or a few times a week, consistency is key.
  2. Plan Your Content Ahead of Time: Take some time to plan your content in advance. This will help you stay organized and ensure that you always have fresh and engaging content to share.
  3. Use a Content Calendar: Consider using a content calendar to help you plan and organize your posts. This can be a simple spreadsheet or a more advanced tool like Hootsuite or Later.
  4. Mix Up Your Content: Don’t post the same type of content over and over again. Mix it up by sharing different types of content like behind-the-scenes footage, product teasers, or user-generated content.
  5. Utilize Snapchat’s Features: Take advantage of Snapchat’s features like filters, lenses, and stickers to make your posts more engaging and interesting.
  6. Interact with Your Followers: Respond to comments and messages from your followers to keep them engaged and encourage them to keep following you.

Consistently posting on Snapchat is crucial to keeping your subscribers engaged and growing your following. By planning your content ahead of time and using a variety of post types and features, you can keep your content fresh and interesting. So, set a schedule, plan your content, and get posting!

Promote Your Snapchat on Other Platforms

Promoting your Snapchat account on other social media platforms is a great way to attract more subscribers. Here are some tips to help you promote your Snapchat on other platforms:

  1. Share Your Username: Let your followers on other social media platforms know that you’re on Snapchat by sharing your username in your profile bio or in a post.
  2. Add a Snapcode: Snapcodes are unique codes that allow users to add you on Snapchat by scanning the code. Add your Snapcode to your profile on other social media platforms or share it in a post.
  3. Cross-Promote on Other Platforms: Share your Snapchat content on other social media platforms to drive traffic to your account. For example, you can share a teaser of your latest Snapchat story on Instagram or Twitter.
  4. Collaborate with Other Social Media Users: Collaborate with other social media users in your niche or industry to cross-promote each other’s accounts. For example, you can create a joint story on Snapchat with another user and promote it on your other social media accounts.
  5. Use Paid Advertising: Consider using paid advertising on other social media platforms to promote your Snapchat account. For example, you can run a targeted ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram to drive traffic to your Snapchat account.

Promoting your Snapchat account on other social media platforms can be a highly effective way to attract more subscribers. By sharing your username, cross-promoting your content, collaborating with other users, and using paid advertising, you can expand your reach and grow your following on Snapchat.

Utilize Snapchat’s Features

Snapchat has a range of features that you can use to make your content more engaging and attract more subscribers. Here are some of the features you can utilize on Snapchat:

  1. Filters: Use filters to add fun and creative effects to your photos and videos. Filters are a great way to make your content more interesting and visually appealing.
  2. Lenses: Lenses are similar to filters, but they add 3D animations to your snaps. Use lenses to create fun and interactive content that will grab your followers’ attention.
  3. Stickers: Stickers are a fun and easy way to add personality and flair to your snaps. Use stickers to add text, graphics, and other design elements to your content.
  4. Bitmojis: Bitmojis are cartoon avatars that you can create to represent yourself on Snapchat. Use Bitmojis to add a personal touch to your snaps and make your content more relatable.
  5. Snap Map: Snap Map allows you to share your location with your followers and see where your friends are on a map. Use Snap Map to connect with your followers and discover new content and events in your area.
  6. Stories: Snapchat Stories are a series of photos or videos that you can string together to create a narrative. Use Stories to share behind-the-scenes content, showcase new products, or give your followers a glimpse into your daily life.

By utilizing Snapchat’s features, you can make your content more engaging and attract more subscribers. Experiment with filters, lenses, stickers, Bitmojis, Snap Map, and Stories to create fun and interesting content that will keep your followers engaged and coming back for more.

Host Giveaways and Contests

Hosting giveaways and contests on Snapchat is a great way to attract new subscribers and keep your existing followers engaged. Here are some tips to help you host successful giveaways and contests:

  1. Choose a Prize: Choose a prize that’s relevant to your audience and that will be highly valued. It could be a product, service, or experience that your followers would love to have.
  2. Set the Rules: Define the rules of the giveaway or contest. Make sure that they’re clear, easy to understand, and fair to all participants.
  3. Promote the Giveaway: Use your social media accounts and other marketing channels to promote the giveaway or contest. Create eye-catching visuals and use compelling copy to grab your audience’s attention.
  4. Use Snapchat’s Features: Use Snapchat’s features, such as filters, lenses, and stickers, to make your giveaway or contest more engaging and visually appealing.
  5. Encourage User-Generated Content: Encourage your followers to create and share content related to the giveaway or contest. This can help spread the word and generate buzz about the event.
  6. Follow Up: After the giveaway or contest, follow up with the winner(s) and announce the results to your audience. This can help build trust and credibility with your followers.

Hosting giveaways and contests on Snapchat is a great way to engage with your followers and attract new subscribers. By choosing a relevant prize, setting clear rules, promoting the event, utilizing Snapchat’s features, encouraging user-generated content, and following up with the winners, you can create a successful giveaway or contest that will help grow your following on the platform.


In conclusion, if you want to get more subscribers on Snapchat, it’s important to have an engaging profile, post regularly, and promote your account on other platforms. Additionally, utilizing Snapchat’s features and hosting giveaways and contests can help you create fun and interesting content that will keep your followers engaged and attract new subscribers to your account. By following these tips and experimenting with different strategies, you can grow your following on Snapchat and create a thriving community of engaged and loyal followers.

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