How to Fix YouTube Has Stopped on F22 Pro XDA

How to Fix YouTube Has Stopped on F22 Pro XDA

You may have experienced the annoying problem of YouTube abruptly ending if you are an F22 Pro XDA user. This may be very annoying if you frequently enjoy watching videos on YouTube. 

Fortunately, there are a few straightforward fixes for this issue. We’ll review the typical causes of YouTube outages and provide four fixes, including cleaning cache and data, updating the YouTube app and system software, and resolving network connectivity issues. 

We’ll also provide more advice on how to keep YouTube from crashing on your F22 Pro XDA. You will know how to fix YouTube has stopped on your device and continue watching your favorite videos uninterrupted.

Common Reasons Why YouTube Stops Working

Here are some common reasons why YouTube stops working:

  1. Outdated version of YouTube: If you use an older version, it might not bе compatible with your device’s operating system, leading to the app crashing or stopping.
  2. Outdated operating system: If your device’s operating system is outdated, it can cause compatibility issues with the YouTube app, leading to crashes or stopping.
  3. Cache and data overload: Over time, the cache and data of the YouTube app can accumulate, taking up valuable storage space оn your device. When this happens, it can cause the app to crash or stop working.
  4. Network connectivity issues: If you have a poor or unstable internet connection, it can cause YouTube to stop working. This can happen in an area with weak or no signal or if your Wi-Fi connection is slow or not working correctly.

How to Fix YouTube Has Stopped on F22 Pro XDA

If you are experiencing the issue of YouTube being stopped on the F22 Pro XDA, don’t worry, аs there are some simple solutions that you can try to fix the problem. Here are four solutions to try:

1. Clear Cache and Data of the YouTube App

  • Go to “Settings” on your F22 Pro XDA device.
  • Select “Apps & notifications.”
  • Find “YouTube” in the list of apps and select it.
  • Select “Storage & cache.”
  • Tap “Clear storage” and “Clear cache.”

2. Update YouTube App

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your F22 Pro XDA device
  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner tо open the menu
  • Select “My apps & games.”
  • Find “YouTube” in the list of apps and tap “Update.”

3. Update the Operating System

  • Go to “Settings” on your F22 Pro XDA device
  • Select “System
  • Tap “System update.”
  • If an update is available, download and install it.

4. Check the Network Connection

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and try using YouTube on your mobile data connection
  • If you are using Wi-Fi, try resetting your Wi-Fi router or modem
  • Move closer to your Wi-Fi router or try switching to a different Wi-Fi network

Try each solution individually and see if the issue is resolved. If the issue persists, try a combination of solutions or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

Additional Tips to Prevent YouTube From Stopping on F22 Pro XDA

Here are some additional tips tо prevent YouTube from stopping on your F22 Pro XDA:

  1. Avoid downloading apps from unreliable sources: Downloading apps from unreliable sources can lead to malware and viruses that can cause your device to malfunction.
  2. Avoid installing third-party software on your device: Installing third-party software can cause conflicts with your device’s operating system, leading to crashes or stopping.
  3. Use reliable and updated antivirus software: Installing reliable and updated antivirus software can protect your device from malware and viruses that can cause issues with apps like YouTube.
  4. Keep your device up to date: Keeping your device updated with the latest software updates can help prevent compatibility issues with apps like YouTube.
  5. Avoid multitasking while using YouTube: Multitasking can cause your device tо slow down or become unresponsive, leading to issues with the app.
  6. Close other apps running in the background: Closing other apps in the background can free up valuable system resources and help prevent issues with apps like YouTube.


There are a few easy fixes you may try to fix the issue if YouTube has stopped working on your F22 Pro XDA device. You can get uninterrupted video streaming on your smartphone by cleaning the cache and data of the YouTube app, updating the app and operating system, fixing network connectivity issues, and taking further precautions to stop the problem from happening again. 

To avoid future problems, keep your smartphone updated, be cautious when downloading apps, and refrain from multitasking while watching YouTube.

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