How to Fix: Instagram Won’t Let You Change Username

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Thousands of people use Instagram daily to share photos, videos, and stories, making it one of the most popular social media sites. Changing your username is one of the most significant aspects of the platform because it lets you tailor your profile to your interests and makes it easier for your followers to locate you. 

It has been claimed that some Instagram users have had trouble changing their usernames. This can be annoying if you’ve been attempting to switch to a more unique and memorable username. 

Look at some potential causes of Instagram’s refusal to let you change your username, as well as several potential workarounds. We’ve got you covered even if you’ve reached Instagram’s maximum number of username changes, broken their rules, or are experiencing technical difficulties. 

Understanding the Causes

You’ve hit Instagram’s maximum username change limit. Instagram limits the number of times a user can change their username. By setting the maximum number of times a user can change their username, we hope to eliminate unnecessary confusion for our followers. 

If you’ve already used up your allotted number of usernames, you won’t be able to pick a new one for a while. You may be unable to alter your Instagram handle for several reasons, one of which is a violation of Instagram’s rules. 

This includes but is not limited tо using a name that has already been taken, contains obscene or improper content, or promotes spam or hate speech. Technical problems are another possible cause of your Instagram username-changing failure.

 This may bе due to server troubles, a short outage, or problems with the app or website.

Possible Solutions

If you’re having trouble updating your Instagram handle, you may do several things.

If you have already changed your Instagram username as many times as is allowed, you will have to wait a specific length of time before you may change it again. Depending on the platform’s rules, you may have to wait anywhere from a few days to weeks.

If you have a specific username in mind, you should see if it’s already in use. Make sure the new username you want is available before switching to it. 

Search the username оn the site itself or utilize a third-party service designed for this purpose.

If you have trouble changing your Instagram username because of a policy violation or a technical issue, please contact Instagram’s support staff for assistance. You can get further insight into the problem and advice on how to fix it from them.

If you cannot change your username because of technical difficulties, you can try deleting your cache and cookies, upgrading the app or website, and checking your internet connection.

Tips to Avoid Future Problems

Changing your username on Instagram can be a simple process, but there are certain things you can do to avoid running into issues in the future. 

  1. Avoid violating Instagram policies: To avoid flagging your account for violating Instagram’s policies, choose a username that is not already taken, does not contain inappropriate or offensive language, and does not promote spam оr hate speech.
  2. Keep a record of previous usernames: Keeping a record of your previous usernames can help you keep track of the number of changes you have made and ensure that you do not reach the maximum limit of username changes on the platform.
  3. Be mindful of the number оf username changes: Remember the number of times you change your username. If you have already made several changes, it may be best to stick with your current username until you can use it for a while.


If you have tried and tried to change your Instagram username without success, it may be because you have reached the maximum number of allowed changes, violated platform policies, оr had a technical problem. Change your username on the platform by realizing the problem and getting potential fixes. Ensure you can keep customizing your Instagram profile and posting material for years.

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