How To Fix Instagram Runtime Exception

How To Fix Instagram Runtime Exception

Instagram has more than a billion active users per month, but like any other software, it is occasionally subject to bugs. The Instagram runtime exception is a prevalent problem that can result in the app crashing or otherwise becoming unusable. 

Users who rely on Instagram for either personal or professional reasons may find this extremely annoying. If you have encountered the Instagram runtime exception, you will get some troubleshooting and repair advice. We’ll walk you through fixing the problem so you can resume using Instagram normally. We’ll explain the most prevalent reasons for the runtime exception and the steps you can take to fix it. Read on to discover why and how to repair the Instagram runtime exception.

What is a runtime exception on Instagram?

Instagram’s app crashes at runtime due to a runtime exception. A crash or inability to use the program could result from this problem. Incompatibilities, obsolete software, or broken equipment are all possible causes. We’ll get into the most typical Instagram exception causes below.

A runtime exception is an error that happens while a program is being executed. Mistakes in coding, insufficient memory, or incompatibility problems are all possible causes.

Common reasons Outdated software, incompatibility with your device, and problems with the program itself are all common causes of runtime exceptions on Instagram. Low memory, faulty data, and malware or virus infestations are further causes of runtime exceptions.

Instances of Instagram runtime exceptions: Instances where Instagram unexpectedly quits working, freezes, displays an error message, or refuses to load or update are all examples of runtime exceptions. These problems can be annoying and prevent you from using the platform normally, but they are usually easily fixed.

To troubleshoot and fix an Instagram runtime exception, it helps to know what it is and what produces it. 

Troubleshooting steps

In many cases, runtime issues can be fixed by clearing the Instagram app’s cache and data. To do this, navigate to the apps or program manager section of your device’s settings, locate Instagram, and tap storage. 

You can now delete all stored data and cache from this screen.

The runtime exception could be due to a compatibility issue or another issue that can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app. The process follows: under the device’s settings, navigate to the apps or application manager section, search for Instagram, and tap the uninstall button. Then, get the most recent version of Instagram from the App Store.

Verify that there is an updated software version for your gadget: The runtime exception could result from a compatibility issue or another issue that could be fixed by updating the software on your device. Locate the option to check for software or system upgrades in your device’s settings.

Keep Google Play Services, a component of the Android operating system that facilitates communication between apps and Google services, up to date. A runtime exception may have been caused by a compatibility issue or another issue, which can bе fixed by updating the latest version of Google Play Services. 

A newer version of Google Play Services can be downloaded from the Google Play Store by searching for it there.

Investigate device compatibility concerns. Runtime exceptions can occur if your device isn’t compatible with the Instagram app.

View the app’s description in the Google Play Store to see if there are any known compatibility issues. The app will warn you of any compatibility concerns with your device.

Advanced solutions

Instagram runtime exception? You can attempt a couple of more complicated methods if the simple ones don’t work. You’ll find a detailed walkthrough for fixing the problem right here.

Resetting your network settings can fix problems with your device’s internet connection, which could bе the root cause of the runtime exception. Select reset network settings from your device’s menu after navigating to network & internet or connectivity.

You can fix compatibility issues and other problems that could be triggering the runtime exception by resetting your device to its factory settings. You should back up your information first, аs this will delete everything from your device. 

To return your smartphone to its factory settings, select reset or restore to factory defaults from the device’s settings menu.

If the Instagram runtime issue still occurs after attempting the more complex fixes, you may need to contact Instagram support for further assistance. You can reach Instagram’s help team by clicking the “contact support” option in the Instagram Help Center. 

You can ask for help or look up answers to frequently asked questions from that page.

Instagram’s runtime exception and other issues could be due to a virus or other malware. Scan your device for these threats. 

Run a scan with аn antivirus program you downloaded from the Google Play Store to ensure your device is free of malware.

The Instagram runtime exception is a common source of frustration, but the issues it causes are usually easy to fix. 


If you’re seeing an Instagram runtime problem, try common troubleshooting methods, including clearing cache and data, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, checking for software updates, and updating Google Play Services. If they don’t work, you may need tо resort to more complex options like erasing all data on the device and reinstalling it from scratch or resetting the network settings. 

Instagram’s customer service is there to help if you’ve exhausted your options. After completing these steps, you should no longer be experiencing the Instagram runtime exception.

Additional resources and references

The actions in this post aren’t the only ones you can take to fix the Instagram runtime problem; many more resources and references are available.

Instagram’s official Help Center provides information for new users and those seeking solutions to frequently asked concerns. The runtime exception and how to fix it are among the concerns covered.

Discussion forums for Android: Android forums are online communities where users may talk tо one another about their experiences and get answers to questions about the operating system and its many problems, like the runtime exception.

You can read user reviews of programs, including Instagram, in the Google Play Store. If you read reviews, you can find out what problems other people have had and how those problems were resolved.

Video guides There are several guides available on YouTube that can teach you how tо fix the Instagram app’s runtime exception and other common problems.

Seek expert assistance if you still have problems fixing the Instagram runtime exception. If your mobile device requires servicing, you can either look for a nearby repair shop or contact the device’s manufacturer for help.

Hopefully, you could track down this collection of links and resources useful in fixing the Instagram runtime problem and getting back to using the program without any further issues.

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