How to Find Saved Reels on Instagram

How to Find Saved Reels on Instagram

The Instagram reels feature has been gaining traction as it gives users a new way to express themselves by creating and sharing amusing short videos. 

There are so many fantastic reels out there that it’s easy to lose track of the ones you want to remember for later. 

The “Saved reels” feature on Instagram is helpful because it allows users to store their preferred reels for subsequent viewing.

Look into Instagram’s saved reels and how to access them to compile your most cherished posts in one convenient location. 

Easily find and organize your favorite reels, whether you’re brand new to the site or just need a refresher on accessing your stored reels.

What are Saved Reels on Instagram

Instagram’s Saved reels feature lets users save their favorite reels to watch later. 

If a user chooses to bookmark a reel, they can return to it later to view it again without having to search.

It’s easy to see why saving reels would be useful. Having quick access to your saved information eliminates the need to constantly scour the service. Storing a reel might make sharing it with friends and family members later on much simpler.

On Instagram, you may save a reel by tapping the “Save” button that appears just below the reel. 

By doing so, the reel will bе added to your collection of saved reels, which may be seen at any time by selecting the “Saved” link from your user profile.

Finding Saved Reels on Instagram

One of the great things about saved reels on Instagram is that they are easy to find. Here’s where you can access your saved reels:

  1. On your profile page, tap the “Saved” tab next to the “Tagged” tab.
  2. This will take you tо your saved reels collection, where you can see all the reels you’ve saved.

To view a saved reel, tap on the reel you want to watch. It will start playing automatically. You can also swipe left or right to browse through your saved reels.

Tips for Organizing Saved Reels

Here are some tips for organizing your saved IG reels:

  1. Rename saved reels: You can easily rename your saved reels to give them a more descriptive name. To do this, tap and hold on tо the reel you’d like to rename, and then tap “Rename.” Enter a new name for the reel and tap “Save.”
  2. Categorize saved reels: You can categorize your saved reels by creating different folders or collections. To create a new folder, tap the “New Folder” button on the saved reels page. Give the folder a name and start adding reels to it.
  3. Delete saved reels: If you no longer want a saved reel in your collection, you can delete it easily. Tap and hold оn to the reel you’d like to delete, and then tap “Delete.” The reel will be removed from your saved reel collection.


Instagram makes it easy to locate and arrange saved reels. You may easily access your saved reels and view them whenever you choose.

It’s safe to say that you should immediately begin perusing your accumulated reels library.

Additional Resources

If you’re looking for more information оn how to use Instagram reels, here are some additional resources that may be helpful:

  1. Instagram Help Center: The Instagram Help Center is great for finding information and answers to common questions about using the platform. Here you can find articles, tutorials, and FAQs on a wide range of topics, including how to use reels.
  2. Instagram Community: The Instagram Community is a forum where users can ask questions, share tips, and connect with other users. If you have a question about reels, this is a great place tо find answers from other users who may have similar experiences.
  3. Instagram Blog: The Instagram Blog is a great resource for staying up-to-date оn the latest features and updates to the platform. You can find news and information about new features, including reels, and learn how to use them to their full potential.

By taking advantage of these resources, you can continue to improve your skills and knowledge about using Reels on Instagram.

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