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How to Find and Report Any Fake Instagram Account Forever

How to find and Report fake Instagram Accounts Forever

A study by Whatsthebigdata recently concluded that out of the 2.5 billion accounts on Instagram, almost 105 million accounts radiate characteristics of a fake Instagram account. These fake accounts are involved with data fishing, scandals, illegal activities, and whatnot which has become a serious problem on the platform.

This blog will help you spot these Fake IG accounts and then block and report them for a safe Instagram surfing experience.

How to Spot a Fake Instagram Account

Fake Instagram Accounts are way too common on IG and you might not know that it’s very easy to spot them. 

1. Irrelevant or spammy comments

Ever stumbled upon a comment section that is full of spammy and promotional comments? If you ever check out the profiles of these commenters, you’ll notice how well these accounts fit the fake account criteria.

Just make sure you don’t fall for whatever they’re offering as in most cases, those are fake services meant to scrape your data and hard-earned money. However, if you actually need real Instagram growth service then you can look for a genuine service provider that offers genuine comments, free Instagram views, likes, and other IG services.

2. Inconsistency in content

If you analyze the content that’s uploaded on a fake IG account, you’ll find that their activity and their last posts don’t add up. In fact, in most fake accounts, you’ll notice that the only images they’ve posted are either on the same day or in a span of a few days.

Moreover, you’ll also notice that there won’t be any other posts after these few initial posts that are posted initially. 

3. DMs that seem like a scam

One of our developers recently received a text in their DMs from an unknown account claiming that they could help our developer get more comments on their IG posts. Such DMs are usually scams and in most cases, they don’t even sell a genuine service.

If you wish to get more comments and engagement on your posts then you can choose a genuine service and buy verified instagram comments to grow on IG.

4. Absent, Generic, or Irrelevant Bio and Username

If you find an IG profile with an absent, irrelevant, or misleading bio then chances are, that account is a fake. A real account will always have a relevant bio that resonates with the profile and the person who owns that account.

On the other hand, the bios of fake profiles are mostly irrelevant, promotional, and in some cases absent. Moreover, their usernames will also be weird and similar to the original accounts.

If you look up Ed Sheeran’s Instagram, you’ll find his original account which is teddyphotos but you’ll also find accounts named teddy.photos, teddyphotos1, teddyphotos_, and what not. Don’t fall for these accounts.

5. Impersonating profiles

Sometimes you’ll come across profiles of people that you might already know or even follow on Instagram. Most of us just hit that follow button without even checking out these profiles and fall for the scam.

While it’s completely possible that your friend has made a new account, it’s also possible that it’s not your friend but someone impersonating them. You can confirm the same by either confirming with the original account or by checking out the new account’s activity which in most cases would seem fishy.

This is way too common with celebs and influencers where scammers either make their fake profiles or hijack the original one to scam the common public. 

One such famous case has been documented where Megan Nichols’s (an Instagram influencer) account was hijacked and then used to create a giveaway and fish out almost $1.2 Million from her followers.

6. Bad Follower to Following Ratio

You’ll always find a ridiculous follower-to-following ratio where they’re usually following thousands of accounts and getting followed by a handful of people. This is the result of their strategy where they follow tons of IG users in the hope of getting a follow back from them.

7. Fake-looking posts and feed

Fake IG accounts don’t really have anything genuine to post so they rely on fake posts and images to build a presence. These are low-quality images posted just for the sake of it and can be spotted really easily. Just look out for low-quality, blurred images, and if most of their images are blurry and meet the rest of the characteristics mentioned above, then you can be certain that it is a fake account.

How to Block and Report a Fake Instagram Account – 3 Ways

Blocking and reporting a fake Instagram account isn’t rocket science and you should definitely use that option to keep yourselves and others safe on Instagram. Here are 3 ways to block and report any fake Instagram account you spot:

1. Blocking from profile

  • Click on the search icon then find and navigate to the Instagram profile you want to block.
  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the profile
  • From the options, click on ‘Block’ and click “Block” when the confirmation popup appears.
  • Once you’ve blocked the account Instagram will ask you if you wish to block any other accounts they might create.

2. Blocking in the DMs

  • Upon receiving any spammy messages, you can open the DM of the account and click the three dots in the DM.
  • From the dropdown menu, select ‘Block’ to block the user.
  • You can select ‘Spam’ as your reason to block the user and help Instagram identify their account as spam.

3. Reporting a fake Instagram account

Reporting an Instagram account isn’t very different than blocking them. Here’s a step-by-step process to report any fake Instagram account you come across:

  • Navigate to the account you wish to report and open their profile.
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of their profile to open a menu.
  • Select ‘Report’ and provide a reason behind your decision.
  • Follow the further instructions and provide Instagram with their profile link so they can verify your report.


As long as fake accounts exist on Instagram, there will be an everlasting possibility of identity thefts, scams, scandals, and whatnot. The only solution is to get rid of a fake Instagram account that might be a potential threat to both you and your friends. We hope this blog could unravel the secrets behind blocking and reporting fake Instagram accounts and make your Instagram experience safer.

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