How to Find and Copy Discord Channel ID

How to Find and Copy Discord Channel ID

Discord is a widely used chat tool that has quickly become the standard for many online groups, including gaming communities and professional organizations. Its adaptability and capacity to meet a wide range of communication requirements are two main reasons for the language’s widespread use. 

The channels in Discord are one of its primary features. Users can make it easier to manage and keep track of talks by using “channels” to divide them into different subjects and conversations.

While channels are a terrific way to keep discussions organized, you may need to locate and copy a channel ID at some point. A channel ID in Discord is a special identifier that may be used to locate a certain channel. 

They’re crucial for some reasons, including making it easier to moderate discussions and integrate Discord with third-party software.

Discover how to locate your channel’s ID in Discord and copy it. Learn how channel IDs might improve your time spent in Discord. 

How to Find Your Discord Channel ID

Here are step-by-step instructions for finding your Discord channel ID:

  1. Open Discord and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to the server that contains the channel whose ID you want to find.
  3. Right-click on the channel whose ID you want to find. This will open a context menu.
  4. Click on the “Copy ID” option in the context menu. If you can’t see the “Copy ID” option, it may bе because you don’t have permission to view the channel ID.
  5. If you do not see the “Copy ID” option, you’ll need to enable Developer Mode to access the ID. Go to User Settings > Appearance > Advanced and toggle on “Developer Mode.”
  6. Once Developer Mode is enabled, right-click оn the channel again, and you should now see the “Copy ID” option in the context menu.
  7. Click “Copy ID.” The channel ID will now be copied to your clipboard.
  8. If you want to verify that you’ve copied the correct ID, you can paste it into a text editor or search engine to see if it matches the channel you were trying to find.

How to Copy a Discord Channel ID

Here are step-by-step instructions for copying a Discord Channel ID:

  1. Once you have found the Discord Channel ID that you want to copy, right-click on the Channel ID number.
  2. In the context menu that appears, click “Copy” or “Copy ID.” This will copy the channel ID tо your clipboard.
  3. Alternatively, you can also copy the channel ID with a keyboard shortcut. After right-clicking on the channel ID number, press “Ctrl + C” (Windows) or “Command + C” (Mac) on your keyboard.
  4. You can verify that you’ve successfully copied the channel ID by pasting it into a text editor or search engine.

How to Use a Discord Channel ID

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use a Discord Channel ID:

  1. To use a Discord Channel ID, you’ll need permission to perform the action you’re trying tо take with the ID. If you’re trying to moderate a channel using the ID, you’ll need appropriate permissions.
  2. Once you have the appropriate permissions, you can use the Discord Channel ID in various ways. If you’re using a bot or integration that requires a channel ID, you can provide the ID to the bot or integration tо enable it to access the desired channel.
  3. You can also use a Discord Channel ID to link directly to a specific channel. To do this, simply add the channel ID to the end of the URL: “https://discord.com/channels/server_id/channel_id.” Replace “server_id” with the ID of the server where the channel is located and “channel_id” with the ID of the channel you want to link to. You can then share this URL with others, and they will be taken directly to the specified channel in the Discord app.
  4. If you’re using the Discord API, you can use a Channel ID to access various data associated with the channel, such аs messages, members, and permissions. The specific API method will depend on the programming language and framework you’re using, but Discord provides extensive documentation and developer resources to help you get started.

 The use cases for channel IDs will depend on your specific needs and the use of the Discord platform.


A Discord channel ID is a special number that may be used to identify a specific channel on a server. Your time spent on Discord can be improved by learning where they are stored, how to replicate them, and how to use them. 

You should be able to reliably find, copy, and use Discord channel IDs for whatever reason you like. Use channel IDs sensibly and only when granted the necessary rights.

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