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Instagram video downloader

Instagram is one of the most used social media networks. According to the official stats, it has over 1 billion active monthly users. It indicates how significant this platform is.

The leading reason behind this platform’s success is the engaging and entertaining content that millions of content creators regularly upload, especially videos.

Instagram users love to watch Instagram videos and save them on their devices to watch them offline. However, many users need to learn how to download reels and videos from Instagram and save them on their devices. If you are also among them, this article is for you. 

This short but comprehensive guide will enlighten you about the best platform to download Instagram videos and reels. And that platform is

Let’s start with the basic introduction of SmallSEOTools!

What is

SmallSEOTools is a tools-based website offering dozens of online tools to assist SEO experts, website developers, designers, writers, and ordinary netizens. This platform is famous among users for two different things. First, the range of tools. Second, their tools’ quality.

However, today, we will only discuss two of its tools: Instagram Video Downloader and Instagram Reels Downloader. Have a look at them!

  • SmallSEOTools’ Instagram Video Downloader

SmallSEOTools has developed multiple video downloaders to gratify netizens’ needs. Instagram video downloader is one of them. This downloader helps users download any kind of public video uploaded on the platform. Whether a user wants to download an Instagram video, tutorial, meme, motivational video, or any other type of video, they can quickly download it with this Instagram video downloader. 

Moreover, it doesn’t ask users to sign up somewhere or complete surveys to download videos. Users just need to visit the platform, paste the link, choose quality, and their video will be downloaded on their devices within a few moments, depending on the internet speed.

  • SmallSEOTools’ Instagram Reels Downloader

Apart from Instagram Video Downloader, SmallSEOTools offers a separate Instagram Reel Downloader. This downloader is very similar to the video downloader but is specially designed to download Instagram reels. So, if you are a reels lover and often want to download Instagram reels, the Instagram reels downloader is arguably your best choice. This downloader is easy to use, quick, efficient, and supports all devices. Due to all these qualities, it is considered one of the best reel downloaders available online.

Reasons to Use SmallSEOTools for Videos and Reels Downloading

The downloaders of SmallSEOTools offer plenty of benefits to users. Here are a few of them;

  • Support All Devices

The most significant benefit of SmallSEOTools’ downloaders is that they support all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. No matter what device you want to use to download Instagram videos, SmallSEOTools’ downloaders can always come in handy. Plus, even if you want to download the same video on multiple devices, you won’t find any trouble with it.  

  • Free to Use

Both of the downloaders mentioned in this article are free to use. You don’t even need to sign up to the platform to download your favourite reels and videos. Unlike many other online platforms and video downloading applications, this platform doesn’t show forceful and annoying ads. So, in this regard, SmallSEOTools is much better than many other video downloaders. 

  • Unlimited Video Downloads

With SmallSEOTools’ downloaders, you can download as many videos as you want. Unlike software programs, it doesn’t provide trial versions and asks users to purchase premium plans after a month or a few days. So, you can download all your favourite videos without spending even a single penny.

  • Offer Quality Options

The downloaders offered by SmallSEOTools provide more than one quality option. Instead, it gives users various quality options to download videos in their preferred quality. Even if you want to download videos in a lower quality to save data and storage capacity, SmallSEOTools is an outstanding platform for you. 

  • No Installation Required

Another great benefit of SmallSEOTools’ online downloaders is that it doesn’t ask users to download and install any software, app, or extension on their devices. 

Whenever you want to download a video, visit this downloader, download the video, and close it. That’s why it is considered a safe platform to use. As you don’t need to sign up or provide your personal information to the platforms, your data is always secure with this platform.

How to Download Instagram Videos and Reels with SmallSEOTools?

Downloading videos and reels with SmallSEOTools is not complicated, even for those who have never tried such downloaders. Users don’t face any difficulty in the entire downloading process. Here are some steps for downloading videos with the downloaders offered by SmallSEOTools:

  • Copy the link to the video or reel you want to download
  • Open the downloader you wish to use
  • Paste the link into the given bar and press the “Download” button
  • Press the “Download” button next to your preferred quality

That’s all. It’s the entire process of downloading videos with SmallSEOTools’ downloaders.

Final Words

People love to watch and save Instagram videos, but Instagram only allows users to download videos easily. However, many platforms have resolved the issue permanently. They allow users to download videos with ease. SmallSEOTools is arguably the best in this regard. It offers everything users want in an online video or reel download.

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