How To Delete Cameos On Snapchat

how to delete cameos on snapchat

The photo-messaging app Snapchat has quickly risen to prominence as a means for people to communicate with their online communities by exchanging visual content. Cameos are a type of content available on Snapchat, and they allow you to create short, looping videos of yourself using a Bitmoji character.

Cameos are a great way to share your personality on Snapchat, but there may be occasions when you want to remove them. This could be because you no longer want others to see them or because you are worried about their privacy or security. 

Explore exactly how to remove Cameos from Snapchat. Learn why it’s crucial to know how to manage your content on Snapchat, answer some often-asked questions regarding erasing Cameos and get advice on how to avoid having to do so in the first place.

How to Delete Cameos on Snapchat

If you’ve created a Cameo on Snapchat that you no longer want to be visible tо others, you can easily delete it. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to delete Cameos on Snapchat:

  1. Open Snapchat: Open the Snapchat app on your phone and log in to your account.
  2. Go to the “Bitmoji” screen: Tap on your Bitmoji icon in the top left corner to access the Bitmoji screen.
  3. Select “Cameos“: On the Bitmoji screen, swipe left until you see the “Cameos” option and tap on it.
  4. Tap and hold on tо the Cameo you want to delete: Find the Cameo you want to delete and tap and hold on to it with your finger.
  5. Select “Delete“: After tapping and holding on tо the Cameo, a menu will pop up with the option to “Delete.” Tap on “Delete” to remove the Cameo from your Snapchat account.

Frequently Asked Questions about Deleting Cameos

Here are some frequently asked questions about deleting Cameos on Snapchat and their answers:

  1. Can you recover deleted Cameos? No, once you delete a Cameo, it’s permanently removed from your Snapchat account and cannot bе recovered. Make sure you’re certain that you want to delete a Cameo before proceeding.
  2. Can you delete multiple Cameos at once? No, you’ll need to delete each Cameo. There’s no option to select and delete multiple Cameos at once.
  3. Do deleting Cameos still take up storage space on your device? No, once you delete a Cameo, it’s removed from your Snapchat account and should no longer take up storage space on your device.
  4. What happens to Cameos you’ve sent to other users? If you’ve sent a Cameo tо another Snapchat user, deleting it from your account won’t remove it from theirs. They can still view the Cameo you sent them, even if you’ve deleted it from your account. If you want to remove a Cameo you’ve sent to someone else, you’ll need to ask them to delete it from their account.

Tips for Avoiding the Need to Delete Cameos

While deleting Cameos on Snapchat is a quick and easy process, it’s better to avoid the need to delete them in the first place. Here are some tips for avoiding the need to delete Cameos:

  1. Think before you create: Before creating a Cameo, consider what you want to say and who your audience is. If you’re unsure whether a Cameo is appropriate, err оn caution and don’t create it.
  2. Use Cameos in appropriate contexts: Cameos can be a fun and creative way to express yourself on Snapchat, but make sure you use them appropriately. If you’re using Snapchat for professional purposes, you may want to avoid creating too silly or irreverent Cameos.
  3. Consider the potential consequences of your Cameo: Before you create a Cameo, consider the potential consequences of it being viewed by others. Could it bе misinterpreted or offended? If so, you may want to avoid creating it or ensure it’s only visible to a select group.


Only a few procedures are involved in erasing Cameos from your Snapchat account. Careful planning will help you avoid deleting Cameos in the first place, but sharing random content on Snapchat is never a good idea.

You should be able to post content on Snapchat with confidence that it will be accepted positively and won’t be deleted. You may maximize your use of Snapchat while maintaining command of your online persona by being mindful of the stuff you share.

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