How to Check Fake Followers on Instagram

How to Check Fake Followers on Instagram

Social media platforms have rapidly expanded in importance in the modern day. For instance, Instagram has millions of users who use it to interact with others and share their own experiences. 

However, as Instagram has grown in popularity, so has the issue of false followers. False followers are fictitious accounts created to inflate a user’s Instagram account’s follower count. 

While the allure of a large number of phony followers might be strong, especially for those seeking to expand their online visibility and sway, doing so can have disastrous results.

Examine what Instagram “fake followers” are, why people use them, and how to spot false followers. Learn how to delete those false Instagram followers.

What are fake followers?

Non-existent accounts called “fake followers,” “fake accounts,” or “bots” increase an Instagram account’s number of “genuine” followers. These passive followers do nothing to promote the account’s popularity or activity. They are frequently generated by pre-made software or obtained from outside sources.

Aside from spam accounts and bots, inactive accounts can also be considered a form of false follower. Users who have made accounts but have since stopped using them are considered inactive. Spam accounts are created solely to send spam and advertise other services or websites. Instead, bots are computer programs created to appear to be human users.

Those bogus followers… why do they exist?

There are several reasons why people buy or otherwise acquire false followers, the most common of which is the desire to improve one’s online profile in terms of social proof, reputation, or influence.

Larger numbers of followers on Instagram provide the impression of greater popularity and legitimacy, which can attract new users and encourage them to participate in the account.

There may be severe repercussions for those who rely on phony followers. 

A large number of phony followers, for instance, might reduce an Instagram account’s engagement and interaction, which in turn can impair the account’s credibility and trustworthiness. 

When this happens, Instagram may consider the account to be in violation of their rules of service and remove it permanently.

Realizing the risks associated with false followers and taking action to eliminate them from your Instagram account is essential. 

Why do people have fake followers?

Fake followers increase internet visibility, influence, social proof, and reputation. An Instagram account with many followers may appear more popular and trustworthy, attracting additional followers and engagement.

Fake followers can also be dangerous. For instance, many false Instagram followers might affect interest and trustworthiness. It may also violate Instagram’s terms of service, banning the account forever.

Fake followers can harm your Instagram account, so remove them.

How to check for fake followers on Instagram

Instagram’s phony followers must be checked to maintain credibility. Manual and automated Instagram fake follower checking are the main ways.

Manual verification entails manually verifying each follower. It takes time, but this is the most accurate technique to verify an account.

Automated screening scans your followers for bogus accounts. Social Blade, Follower Examine, and InstaProfile check Instagram followers for fakes. These tools analyze data and algorithms to verify accounts.

Those automatic systems may miss some bogus followers. They can still recognize a high number of bogus followers rapidly.

How to remove fake followers from Instagram

Once you have identified fake followers on your Instagram account, it’s time to remove them. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove fake followers from your Instagram account:

  1. Block the fake followers: The first step in removing them is to block them. Blocking a follower will remove them from your followers list and prevent them from interacting with your account. To block a follower, go to their profile, tap the three dots in the top right corner, and select “Block.”
  2. Report the fake followers: To report a fake follower, go to their profile, tap the three dots in the top right corner, and select “Report.”
  3. Remove inactive followers: Inactive followers are accounts that were created by real users but are no longer active on the platform. To remove inactive followers, go to your followers list and look for accounts that have not posted anything. If you see any accounts that have not posted anything in the past six months, it’s safe to assume they are inactive and can be removed.
  4. Use a third-party tool: There are also third-party tools that can help remove fake followers on Instagram. These tools use algorithms and data analysis to identify fake followers and automatically remove them from your account. Some popular tools for removing fake followers include Mass Planner and Crowdfire.


Having false followers on Instagram can harm the trust and genuineness of your account. 

To keep your account healthy and growing, eliminate fraudulent followers. You will be able to recognize and get rid of any phony followers that have been added to your Instagram account if you apply these techniques.


  1. How can I identify fake followers on Instagram?

    Look for accounts with generic profile pictures, limited or repetitive content, and suspicious usernames. Check the follower engagement by reviewing likes, comments, and overall interaction. Analyzing sudden spikes in follower count and checking for inconsistencies in the follower-to-engagement ratio can also help identify potential fake followers.

  2. Are there tools available to check for fake followers on Instagram?

    Yes, several third-party tools or apps are designed to analyze Instagram followers and detect potential fake or inactive accounts. These tools often evaluate factors such as follower engagement, authenticity of profiles, and follower growth patterns. However, it’s important to use reputable tools and exercise caution when granting access to your Instagram account.

  3. What are the signs of bot or fake follower activity on Instagram platform?

    Common signs include a high number of followers with limited or no posts, accounts with suspiciously similar usernames, and those with generic or stock profile pictures. Additionally, watch for unusual patterns in engagement, such as a disproportionate number of likes compared to the follower count or a lack of meaningful comments.

  4. How frequently should I check for fake followers on Instagram?

    Regularly monitoring your follower base for fake or suspicious accounts is advisable. While there’s no fixed schedule, performing occasional audits, especially after significant follower increases or changes in engagement patterns, can help maintain the authenticity of your audience. Keeping an eye on your follower analytics and periodically using verification tools can assist in identifying and removing the fake followers.

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