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How to Boost Instagram Live Views Quickly and Easily


Over the past few years, one of the most visited resources in the world has undergone many changes. Insta, originally created for sharing square photos and communicating with friends and family, has changed its direction. Today, in the hands of individuals and entrepreneurs, this resource is a powerful marketing tool that has changed the rules of the game on the Internet space. 

Plus, video content has become the main one. In 2023, text publications with photos are only auxiliary tools for development and promotion. Unlike clips, they’re less popular. Users prefer to receive information quickly, easily and clearly. That’s why video is the key to gaining a new audience, improving reach and engagement. 

However, not everyone uses the features on IG to the maximum. User feeds are filled with Reels, IGTV and Stories, but that’s not all. The developers have created a special feature for influencers and business owners that helps them to be closer to the audience – Insta live video. 

In today’s article, we’ll share what IG live is and tips on how to improve metrics, including the options to buy real Instagram live views to effectively support content and make the page thrive. Read on!

What is IG Live?

Live video is an opportunity to engage with subs in real time. Through streams, you can advertise your new products, tell users about life, answer questions and receive feedback. Live broadcasts can also be educational and entertaining, depending on the interests and needs of viewers.

Through streams, you can not only interact with current followers, but also attract new ones. But for this tool to be effective for you, you need to get views and regularly improve your rate. In this case, the streams will become more visible, and you, as the author, will stand out from others.

How to do it? Below we’ll share simple but proven ways to boost views and tips to buy Instagram likes as well.

Identify the Interests of the Audience

If you know what subs (potential and current) want, you can give them what they need. Without this knowledge, any content will be less successful and won’t bring the results you expect. Depending on the niche, you can choose different directions of your streams and give users the opportunity to learn something new and useful.

As an example: if you are a travel blogger, your subs will probably be interested to know what things you use when climbing mountains, flying or long-distance trips. Or maybe they want to know how to travel with a toddler or a beloved pet – you may have a lot of ideas that will resonate with your viewers.

By the way, you can use polls in Stories and ask users what they would like to know through your streams. This simple action will help you learn more about the needs of followers and form a nice content plan for the near future.

Invite Guests 

A great opportunity to get more new viewers organically is to invite a niche blogger or entrepreneur to your live event. This is a kind of collaboration that is beneficial in terms of improving engagement for both you and the second person. However, there are a few rules you should know :

  • Guest is not a direct competitor. Ideal guest is an individual or a businessman from your niche, but focused on something else. That is, if you are a make-up artist, it makes no sense to invite another make-up artist, it’s better to try a collaboration with a make-up teacher, a dermatologist or a stylist.
  • Discuss all the conditions. Before inviting a guest, discuss all the conditions of collaboration. Some influencers aren’t ready to do something for free or want to benefit financially from it. To avoid problems, discuss everything before collaboration.
  • Post collab posts as an announcement. This way you’ll create a stir around the upcoming video.

Invest in Your Page

Finally, form a marketing budget and direct it in the right direction. Any metrics can be bought, including live views and they’ll be genuine. Decent providers offer interactions from real users, and in this way you can make streams more effective and engaging. Keep in mind that the purchased views will inevitably attract new natural ones – it’s like a snowball effect. It’s worth it!

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