How to Block Someone From Seeing Your Instagram Story

We can’t imagine our lives without Instagram now. It has evolved into a medium for expression and connection, with millions of users posting photographs and videos daily. 

On the other hand, privacy is a major concern while using social media, so deciding who can view your posts is essential. Realize how to prevent a specific user from accessing your Instagram story and highlight the significance of Instagram privacy in general. 

Get detailed actions for achieving the level of anonymity you wish on the platform, even if you’re doing so for personal or professional purposes. 

Understanding Instagram Story Privacy

Instagram offers several privacy settings that can be used to manage who can view your story. Before learning how to prevent someone from viewing your story, you must comprehend how these privacy settings operate.

A. By default, your Instagram story is visible to all your followers. 

You can make your story visible only to people you’ve approved as close friends or private so that only people you follow can see it.

B. You can also make your story visible to everyone on Instagram by setting it to public. This way, anyone across your profile can see your story, even if they don’t follow you.

C. Knowing your audience is crucial in determining the level of privacy you want for your story. If you’re using Instagram for professional purposes, it’s best to keep your story private оr visible only to close friends. On the other hand, if you’re using it for personal reasons, you may choose to make it public.

Steps to Block Someone from Seeing Your Story

 Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you do it:

A. How to access privacy settings

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile.
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner and select Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap on privacy.
  4. Tap on Story.

B. Blocking someone from seeing your story

  1. In the Story section, tap on the option to “Hide Story From.”
  2. Search for the person you want to block from seeing your story.
  3. Tap on the person’s name to block them from seeing your story.
  4. Confirm that you want to hide your story from this person by tapping “Yes.”

C. Unblocking someone from your story

  1. If you want to unblock someone from seeing your story, go to the “Hide Story From” option.
  2. Find the person you want to unblock and tap on the red minus sign next to their name.
  3. Confirm that you want to unblock the person by tapping “Yes.”

You can easily block someone from seeing your Insta stories. This will not affect your ability tо see their content or interact with them in any other way on Instagram. You can always unblock someone if you change your mind.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While blocking someone from seeing your Instagram story is a straightforward process, things may not go as planned. Here are some common issues and how to troubleshoot them:

A. Someone still able to see your story despite being blocked 

If someone can still see your story despite being blocked, it could bе due to a glitch in the app. Try logging out and logging back in or restarting your phone. If the issue persists, contact Instagram’s support team for assistance.

B. Blocking someone by accident 

If you’ve accidentally blocked someone from seeing your story, you can easily unblock them.

C. How to handle situations where someone has blocked you from seeing their story 

If someone has blocked you from seeing their story, there’s not much you can do. You can reach out to them and ask if they can unblock you, but it’s ultimately up to them tо decide. 

If you’re having trouble viewing someone’s story because of a technical issue, try contacting Instagram’s support team for help.


Privacy is a crucial aspect of social media, and Instagram provides several options tо control who can see your story. You can easily block someone from seeing your story and maintain your privacy on the platform.

Understanding Instagram’s story privacy options and troubleshooting common issues will help you effectively manage your privacy on the app.

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