How to Add Original Audio to Reels

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Instagram’s short-form video feature, “reels,” has quickly become a favorite among users looking to engage their audience and showcase their individuality and perspective. A significant aspect of a reel is its images, but the sound may be just as influential. 

Including your voice in your reels makes the videos more personable and can also improve your viewers’ viewing experience. Discuss the many methods for incorporating new audio into your reels, including recording your sound and using external audio editing programs.

Find out how to record high-quality audio, add audio effects to your reel, and the various audio settings accessible in reels. 

Understanding Reels Audio Settings

You’ll find reels’ audio controls within the editing process, letting you select the audio that works best with your project from various options. You can adjust the audio settings tо play music from your device, upload your music to Instagram, or record your own voice. Reels have many different audio options. 

Adding your own, recorded on your device or with a third-party tool, can really set your movie apart and give it a sense of individuality. Look into incorporating user-generated content by including audio recorded on your device and modifying that audio with external applications.

Adding Original Audio from Your Device

If you want to add unique audio tо your reels, recording it on your mobile is one of the quickest and easiest ways. Your voice, a short audio clip, or a song would all work here.

After you’ve recorded the sound and saved it, you may add it to your project in reels. If you want to change the audio file or swap between different audio sources, you can do it through reels’ audio options.

The quality of your recording will improve if you can record in a quiet location and utilize a good microphone. This will make the audio crystal clear and simple to understand.

You can give your reels a truly one-of-a-kind feel by including your own device’s recorded audio. You may give your video a much more personal touch by including unique audio, such as a song or voice.

Using Third-Party Audio Editing Tools

Third-party audio editing applications may provide more options and advanced functionality than simply capturing and inserting real audio directly from your device. Some of the most well-known include Audacity, GarageBand, and Adobe Audition, although many others exist.

You can use these programs tо hone and polish your sound, add special effects, and even mix several separate audio tracks into one. After using these features to perfect your recording, you can save and share the file using Reels.

Using third-party audio in your reels requires careful consideration of copyright laws and acquiring all necessary permissions before uploading.

You may need tо license any music or sound effects you employ.

The use of external audio editing software can elevate your reels to the next level, letting you produce high-quality, immersive audio that is a perfect fit for your videos. These programs give you a wide range of options for custom audio into your reels, bе it music, sound effects, or even your voice.

Enhancing Your Reel with Audio Effects

Including inventive and engaging sound effects in your reels is a great way to stand out and keep your audience’s attention.

Using the in-built audio editing features in reels is an easy option for adding audio effects. Effects like echoes and reverb can be added, or the loudness can bе changed, among other things. You can utilize external audio editing software like Audacity or GarageBand to apply sophisticated sound effects to your recordings.

You can use pre-made samples from sound libraries or effect packs to supplement your audio. Add these libraries of music and sound effects to your reels аs you edit.

One must be resourceful and try many approaches to finding the best audio effects to use in their work. Be wary of the audio settings and refrain from using too many effects, as doing so can distract from the overall quality оf your reels.

Your reels will have much more life and interest if you add sound effects. Simple fades or complex sound effects, reels might benefit from the addition of audio effects.


The quality of your reels will increase dramatically if you include some original music and sound effects. Using your knowledge оf the audio settings in reels and other audio editing tools, you may produce audio that not only fits in with but also enhances your content, giving your reels a unique edge. You’ll be well on making polished, professional reels that feature your voiceover work.

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