How to Add Highlights on Instagram

Instagram has developed into one of the most popular social media sites, with millions of users posting photographs and videos showing their daily lives and the things they have experienced. 

Instagram highlights are one of the most recent additions to the site. This feature allows users to store and display their favorite stories on their profiles. 

Utilizing Instagram highlights can help improve your profile and engage your followers, regardless of whether you use Instagram for business or personal reasons. 

Set up and create engaging highlights and get tips on how to make them stand out even more. 

Okay, so let’s begin!

Setting up Instagram Highlights

The procedure of setting up highlights on Instagram is very basic. 

You can begin the technique оf making your first highlight as soon as you have a few stories that you wish to save and display. 

The following is what you need to do:

A. Creating a Highlight: To create a new highlight, go to your profile and tap the “New” circle icon located next to your stories. Give your highlight a name and select a cover image from the stories you want to include.

B. Adding Stories to a Highlight: You can add stories to your highlight by tapping the “+” icon located next to your existing stories. Select the stories you want to add and tap “Add.”

C. Editing a Highlight: You can edit your highlight by going to your profile, tapping the highlight you want to edit, and then tapping the three dots in the bottom right corner. You can then add or remove stories, change the cover image, or rename your highlight.

Best Practices for Instagram Highlights

A. Choosing the Right Stories: When selecting stories to include in your highlights, consider the overall theme or message you want to convey. Only include the best and most relevant content to keep your highlights engaging and on-topic.

B. Consistency in Highlight Covers: To give your profile a polished and professional look, use consistent cover images for each of your highlights. This could be a specific color or design theme or even a branded logo or graphic.

C. Utilizing Highlights for Business: If you’re using Instagram for business purposes, utilize your highlights tо showcase your products, services, or promotions. Highlight customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes content, and exclusive offers to engage your followers and drive conversions.

Tips for Making Your Instagram Highlights Stand Out

To make your Instagram highlights truly stand out, try incorporating these tips:

A. Using Highlight Templates:

  1. Search for “Instagram Highlight templates” online
  2. Choose a template that fits your brand or aesthetic
  3. Download and open the template in a photo editing app
  4. Replace the placeholder text and images with your own
  5. Save and upload the template аs a cover image for your highlight

B. Incorporating Text and Graphics:

  1. Open a photo editing app
  2. Create a new image with a solid background color
  3. Add text and graphics tо the image to create a standout cover
  4. Save and upload the image as a cover for your highlight

C. Experimenting with Different Themes:

  1. Decide on a theme for your highlight, such as “Travel” or “Food.”
  2. Choose a color scheme оr design elements that fit the theme
  3. Apply the theme consistently across all of the Stories in the highlight
  4. Use the theme in your cover image to tie everything together

You can take your Instagram highlights to the next level and make them truly memorable for your followers. 

Don’t bе afraid to get creative and experiment with different ideas until you find what works best for you!


Highlights on Instagram are a fantastic tool that you can use to showcase some of your favorite stories and engage in conversation with your audience. 

Your profile will be more noticeable after you make use of highlights, which are really simple to set up and design. To ensure that your highlights are as distinctive аs possible, don’t forget to select the appropriate stories, maintain coherence with your cover designs, and try out a variety of alternative themes and layouts.

 You can bring your profile to life and connect with your followers in new and interesting ways by beginning to use Instagram highlights as soon as possible.

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