How to Add Admin to Facebook Page

How to Add Admin to Facebook Page

Do you oversee a company or group’s official Facebook page? Your page’s growth may necessitate recruiting extra administrators to aid in content production, user interaction, and moderating areas. 

If you are a Facebook page’s principal administrator, you may want to delegate some of your duties to another person by making them an admin.

Explore how to add an administrator to your Facebook Page in a clear manner. While adding new administrators, look at some best practices to follow, some frequent problems, and how to fix them. 

Step-by-Step Guide for Adding an Admin to a Facebook Page

It only takes a few clicks to make someone an admin of a Facebook Page. Here, we’ll show you how to make someone else an administrator of your Facebook Page:

Step 1: Accessing the Facebook Page

  • Open Facebook in your web browser and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to your Facebook Page by selecting it from the Pages section in the left-hand menu оr searching for it in the search bar.

Step 2: Navigating to the Page Roles Section

  • Click on the “Settings” option located in the top right corner of your Facebook Page
  • In the left-hand menu, select the “Page Roles” option

Step 3: Adding a New Admin

  • In the “Page Roles” section, scroll down to the “Assign a New Page Role” section
  • Enter the name or email address of the person you want to add as an admin in the “Assign a New Page Role” box
  • Select the role you want to assign to the new admin from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the “Add” button to send the admin request

Step 4: Adjusting Admin Permissions

  • Once the new admin has accepted the admin request, they will be able to access the Facebook Page
  • To adjust the admin’s permissions, return to the “Page Roles” section of your Facebook Page
  • Find the name оf the admin you want to edit and click on the “Edit” option to the right of their name
  • Select the desired admin permissions by checking the appropriate boxes
  • Click on the “Save” button to update the admin’s permissions

Best Practices for Adding an Admin to a Facebook Page

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when adding an admin to your Facebook Page:

  1. Limit the Number of Admins: Consider the size of your organization and the needs of your page to determine how many admins are necessary. Adding too many admins can lead to confusion, inconsistency, and potential security risks.
  2. Adding Admins with Care: When adding an admin, ensure you trust the person you are adding tо your page. Only add people who need access to your page and who you know will use it responsibly. Be cautious about giving admin access to employees leaving the company, as they may have access to sensitive information.
  3. Regularly Reviewing and Updating Admin Permissions: Review the admin permissions on your Facebook Page regularly to ensure that they are appropriate and up-to-date. Adjust permissions as necessary tо match your organization’s needs and ensure that your page remains secure.
  4. Utilizing Facebook Business Manager: Facebook Business Manager is a powerful tool for managing multiple Facebook Pages and ad accounts. Using Business Manager, you can assign roles and permissions to your team members, manage your ad accounts, and view analytics for your pages.

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Adding an Admin to a Facebook Page

While adding an admin to your Facebook Page is typically a straightforward process, you may encounter some common issues. Here are some troubleshooting tips for some common issues that you may encounter when adding an admin to your Facebook Page:

  1. Admin Not Receiving Invitations: If the admin you are trying to add is not receiving invitations, try adding them by email address instead of by name. Ensure that the email address you use is accurate and that the invitation has not been caught by a spam filter.
  2. Error Messages When Adding an Admin: If you receive an error message when adding аn admin to your page, ensure that the person you are trying to add has a Facebook account and is not already an admin. Double-check that you are entering their name or email address correctly.
  3. Managing Multiple Pages with the Same Admins: If you manage multiple pages with the same group of admins, it can bе difficult to track who has access to which pages. Consider using Facebook Business Manager to manage your pages and assign roles and permissions to your team members.


A Facebook Page administrator can help you maintain your page more efficiently, but before you add one, you should familiarize yourself with best practices and typical problems that may arise. Secure and efficient admin addition can be achieved by limiting the total number of admins, adding admins with caution, evaluating and changing admin permissions regularly, and using Facebook’s Business Manager. 

Refer to Facebook’s help center or contact their support team if you encounter any problems.

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